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This is a mod based in a bronze age setting and will feature a pre-determined character background but I plan to add lots of RPG dialog and options in the game to shape your character.

Story/Backstory: Will elaborate more later

There is a very powerful kingdom founded by Nimganesh
The second powerful civilization is that of the Boragen, who are pastoral agricultural people, they rely on Creator's mighty power that protects them.
The rest of humanity is scattered around in random tribes, with their own unique culture.
Their are 12 human tribes
Your parents were killed by Gane****es at the age of 12 and you were left for dead.

The Gane****es are pagans and worship hundreds of Gods, including Nimganesh.
The Boragen believe in the creator, "The One" who is sovereign and almighty over all. According to the Boragen scrolls, Nimganesh was a descendant of the family of Nea who survived the great deluge, he was a mighty hunter before The One but he rebelled against him and set up his own kingdom as separated from The One as possible and created his own magic system and civilization to spite The One. Now Nimganesh's wrongs haved piled up to the heavens, his punishment is due and severe.

Story mode
Build and form tribes
New world map and factions
AI Lords have randomly generated faces each save, planning to add randomly generated names so as to make each play unique

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Another interesting looking MB project from our favorite auteur modder CutContent! I loved digging into the lore in The Eighth Elohim. I'll be following the progress of this one closely.

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Nice to hear this is moving to WB, since Warband lacks a lot of Bronze Age-themed content.

Plus, I'm looking forward to hear more on the backstory/lore.


It's looking a little bit difficult to implement a proper bronze age setting since I'm very amateur with modeling, so I will focus more on features. I'm working on it in Warband right now, trying to tune up the ragdolls (The vanilla ragdolls in warband is horrible) and death animations so they're funner to play with. I'm kind of sad about having to move it to warband because I think MB's old style graphics help set up a darker more classical atmosphere.

the skybox in Warband
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