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Deadline for submitting your ships is 28th of June.

25th July 2101
High Jupiter orbit, Hades warp installation

Humanity´s finest hour is approaching! It is year 2101 and after numerous failures and delay, Hades warp station is finally about to be commissioned into service. Countless space vessels from Earth and its colonies alike have been orbiting Jupiter for several weeks now, undergoing last repairs and check-ups, calibrating computer units, refueling and loading supplies. Crews have just returned from vacations; from what could possibly be the last moments with their loved ones back on their home planets. Brave, brave pioneers of humankind! In a few days, the entire fleet will be in position, ready to be thrown into the dark, empty void of space by Hades´ delicate machinery. With course carefully chosen and calculated by the greatest minds the humanity can offer, the fleet is expected to reach the edge of known space in three weeks and then set up a permanent base far beyond the frontier based on data from the greatest, finest miracles of modern technology.

After long periods of wars cold and hot, humans have finally thrown their petty differences aside and focused on one goal. As one, ships from the Earth and Milky way alike are ready to embark on a journey that will change the galaxy forever.

Welcome to the Starfleet BoP recruitment thread! An adventure set in deep space, with all the countries being left on Earth and its colonies. Nothing but an empty space and the cold steel of the hulls. No knowledge of any lore, physics or anything like that is required, all important information will be available. Player will assume control of one ship and will have to to keep the ship operational, complete the original mission that was the purpose of the fleet or to use the colonization fleet as an opportunity to achieve personal glory and gain wealth. Each player will design his or her ship, according to his vision of what that ship should be like and what ship will fit his role playing style. Because it is easier to manage, and because I believe it is easier to use, all currently available information regarding Starfleet Balance of Power are in a .pdf file.

>>> Starfleet BoP Handbook + Tools <<<

However, even though there is relative freedom in the creation of the ship, certain restrictions had to be made, specifically quotas on ship classes; since we don´t want to have eighteen space Carriers. And because the pdf is rather long and not everyone may have time to read through it immediately, short description of ship´s classes will follow. Send me a PM with your priorities regarding the ship´s classes and your place should be reserved. Later, when you are finished with the design, send me another PM with the final characteristics of the ship. Because various modules and sets have different effects, costs etc., there is Excel file included in the download that will help you with the creation. It is easy to use and easy to understand. Now for the promised short description:

The colonization fleet consists of two types of ships – civilian and military. Whether your ship is going to be a military vessel or a civilian one is the first decision you need to make when designing your ship. Each option has its advantages, and while they are not exactly balanced, one cannot do without the other, so a pure military or civilian fleet would have quite a hard time.
Military – Soldiers are used to being commanded and dealing with unexpected events and dangers. Their morale is much more stable than that of civilians. Military vessels have access to every module and technology and are much better in firefights. Also, since every military vessel has to be registered and undergoes numerous routine inspections, the layout of all military vessels is known to everyone.
Civilians – The biggest advantage of civilian ships is that they carry civilian Workers. Workers are very cheap to employ, and are available in astonishing numbers, so civilian vessels do not have problems having sufficient workforce for manpower heavy projects, such as refining ore. However, their armament and armor is limited to Level3. Civilian morale is very shaky, and thus they are much more likely to be subordinate.

There are four classes of ship:
Corvettes – Screening vessels, pleasure yachts, microwave-reflecting ships, smuggling freighters, blockade runners, ground assault ships or long range recon. Small ships have the advantage of small mass which means that operating them is cheap, as their fuel consumption and power demand for FTL jumps is very low. Most of the types of small ships can land on planets or even fly in the atmosphere. However, they also have relatively small fuel tanks, so their endurance is rather poor. They also sport only very limited armament.
Cruisers – Auxiliary ships, escort carriers, cargo ships, sensor cruisers, naval infantry ships, asteroid miners, nuclear attack crafts, long endurance ships, research crafts or escort crafts. Cruisers are the most versatile spacecrafts, since they are not as fragile as corvettes, but have their versatility, along with the endurance and performance of larger vessels. They are also the only type of ship that can land on asteroids and drill for ore.
Capital ships – These are the largest military frontline vessels, ranging from Electronic Warfare vessels and Carriers to Battlecruisers or Battlestars. Capital ships cannot be civilian. They are quite big and burn large amounts of fuel in doing maneuvers.
Colony ships – Gigantic space vessels sent to either establish or help with colonization of planets; they house various processing installations. Ships with refineries, greenhouses, manufactories or large power plants go here. They are murderously expensive to move, but they are virtually indestructible. They can house thousands of inhabitants and soldiers - it takes a determined battlegroup to defeat military colony ships.

1. Colony Ship - Grimmend
2. Colony Ship - Dodes
3. Colony Ship - Austupaio
4. Colony Ship - Gaham
5. Colony Ship (secondary) - Mahud
6. Capital Ship - DoctorPainkiller
7. Capital Ship - Jhessail
8. Capital Ship - Eternal
9. Cruiser - Odysseus
10. Cruiser - QuailLover
11. Cruiser
12. Cruiser / Corvette
13. Cruiser / Corvette
14. Cruiser / Corvette
15. Cruiser / Corvette
16. Corvette - Shatari
17. Corvette - Úlfheðinn
18. Corvette - Elisanthius
19. Corvette

Additional slots may be opened, or opened after some finished turns. For any questions, if something is unclear, PMs or Skype is an option. I would prefer the latter. You can also message Pixel, who has kindly volunteered to be a co-host. The game will most likely start somewhere between 8th and 12th of July, but if all goes well, it can be sooner.

This is BenKenobi, last survivor of... Fly safe!... Its origin and purpose are still a total mystery... fasten your seatbelts and have a pleasant flight!

First edits, here I come:

1. Due to it being very limiting factor and not bringing any real benefits, all ships are hereby equipped with Microwave transcievers by defeault. Installation of additional one is still possible and will allow ship to supply two ships at once, receive power from two ships at once or receive and immediately transmit the power elsewehere, making it still worthwhile module, but not entirely crucial.

2. Changed the maximum allowed modules for small ships - Corvettes: 4/1/0/0, Cruisers: 4/2/1/0

3. Apart from Corvettes (and maybe military Cruisers), it is highly advised to have at least small contingent of Marines. They also act as law-enforcement. If you dont have them, mutiny can go a long way.
Why aren't gas giants exploitable? It's been proposed that small floating colonies atop large helium balloons could exist on gas giants, and there are many useful resources on gas giants. Good job on the handbook thingy though.

I can't bloody choose which type of ship I want to go with. Darn it Ben, you've put me in a pickle :razz:

Edit: Also, is the monarchy still around? I want to know if my ship is RCSV or CSV. I hope it is still around because Royal Canadian Space Vessel sounds so much cooler.
We spoke about gas giants and came to the conclusion that they shouldn't be exploitable, as you can't mine ores and their gases not really being useful as a fuel source (see the PDF, as the engines are fission-based or antimatter)
I'll reserve RCSV (Royal Canadian Space Vessel) Stalwart, a military class cruiser. I might change this later, though.
I've sent my PM regarding my preferred choices of ships, but I'll share my idea as I have already in skype for my first preference.

I'm going for a colony ship with the maximum amount of folks on it as possible, a sort of 'real-deal' colony ship as befits its class. As such I've requested a module be added that would expand living quarters so that the amount of personnel can exceed the current 2200. What I'm conflicted over as wanting for this colony ship preference is having the XL slots either be double greenhouse or greenhouse and terraforming equipment. I want to make sure someone in the fleet has terraforming equipment, but I imagine it will make the most sense if I produce as much food as possible per ship seeing as I would be with the most mouths to feed.
A Cruiser seems like a good choice but my instincts say "Norman, get a ship with lots of guns. Many guns, Norman. You will need them." :razz:
If I were playing, I'd take the Corvette class for sure. Atmospheric flight, relatively easy FTL jumps. I'd be able to do all sorts of sneaky business...

Odyseuss said:
A Cruiser seems like a good choice but my instincts say "Norman, get a ship with lots of guns. Many guns, Norman. You will need them." :razz:

Don't even need that many.

Corvette needs Arm. 4 to one shot another Corvette.

Cruisers need Arm. 4 to one shot a Cruiser.

Capitals need Arm. 2 to one shot a Capital. Capitals with Arm. 5 do 83 damage - nearly enough to one shot a Colony Ship, even discounting modules.

A Cap ship with Arm. 2 does 45 damage. A Cap Ship with Armour 5 has 48HP. (Assuming "+60% armour" means +60% HP)

Colony Ships need Arm 4 to one shot anything with default armour in the game (But can only have Arm 3 because Civvy).
Firepower and HP aren't related linearly, they don't scale the exact same way. The relationship between firepower and HP isn't complete yet, as of now it serves as a relative comparison of firepower between different ships.

So no, no one-shotting here :razz:
It's worth noting, however, that with the morale system and all, your ship could theoretically still surrender in a single combat phase.

What happens when you surrender?
... Nothing good.
Very interested. I'll send you an PM once I finish reading your pdf. Any capital ship slots left? If so, I would like to reserve one.

Will this run simultaneously with the Elder Scrolls BoP?
No idea about the ships' slots, as Ben receives those and I do not. But yes, it is running alongside Elder Scrolls, although we are not starting for a little while.
Is the capital/colony a hybrid ship? Or one or the other? If it's one or the other I'd like to reserve a capital ship please.
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