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With battle mode in progress and custom servers not being implemented anytime soon I am here to offer the TW developers a solution to bring more players back to the multiplayer and gather more data for their servers.

As we know we can play 6vs6 Captain and Skirmish thanks to the clan system.But many clans who are not that competitive and want to play more players can't do it or are limited by TW.It is nice to give servers from time to time for 120 players events but only 6 out of a 100 clans get acess to these events.

The solution is simple.Implement battle mode and 10-15(15v15) man battles with servers created and hosted by the clan system in the game.You will probably need better servers to handle the stress of the amount of players that will play, but that will make clans come back to the game and bring your players base back and revive the game.

I hope other people share my ideas.As TW devs stated they want to gather more data and crashes from their own servers to polish them and make them bug free.
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Battle mode is coming though it will still probably be a long while off. I think a good compromise until then would be to allow TDM to be hosted through clan matches for something a bit larger scale and casual, though like always the spawn system would have to be fixed up or there's no real point.


Suggesting Taleworlds anything about servers is talking to a wall.
I mean they could do a system like minisiege, where only certain maps play depending on the number of people on the server for battle mode so you won't have a problem with a map being to big or small for more then one map. It should adjust but thats just my two sense on battle mode.


I tried to suggest something nice, but seems TW lacks the resouces to make it happen.The need to make UI changes and increase the maximum amount of people being able to join a party to 10 or 15.Then they probably will need better servers to meet the demand and interest that will follow.They also need to create maps and fix spawns on them.The amount of work is a lot but unless they have a better idea(which they don't) I don't see a problem in spending 2-3 months to make this happen.

Bannerlord is dead because it does not offer the communities a chance to play and have fun.That's why big clans are on Warband or other games.It's sad that people have to go beg TW staff for a server to host an event and the game mode is even TDM :grin: .Is this what people deserve. All I am trying to do is give you friendly criticism. Player base is low you must act now before it's too late.
The parameters should be decided by the players hosting the custom private server in which the battle will take place. Any other way of approaching it is a mistake.
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