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Battered kite shield better than reinforced kite shield??????

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The Great Grub

so i did a bandit hideout and got a battered kite shield that is better than my reinforced kite shield The stats are:
Reinforced kite shield- hitpoints 480
reinforced kite shield-hitpoints 400
the weight is also better which makes sense to me somewhat but it should not have more health
also what is up with every time a fellow vassal creates an army control is taken away from my character and he starts to move to join the army that is being created instead of where i was going?
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Armor values are all over the place, there are plenty of things that don't make sense right now. I expect they will be adjusted over time
yeah values definitely need to be adjusted everywhere, there is also only one type of shield I noticed which is "large shield" even though some of the names are "cavalry small shield" along with a couple of very small shields. some armors are totally off as well, mainly when it comes to weight, ill take the armor with 2 less chest def if it means that its 24lbs lighter
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