Please consider making it easier and more accessible for PS4 users to apply cheats.

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Hello, I'm a user from Korea who enjoys games through PS4. Lately, I've been so immersed in gaming that I stay up all night playing. I prefer to activate cheat modes rather than playing conventionally, as it allows me to enjoy the game more comfortably alone. However, unlike computer users, it's quite difficult for PS4 users to activate cheats, and the range of cheats available is limited, which is disappointing. Therefore, I'd like to suggest adding some cheats. I'm not suggesting entirely new cheats, but rather some features that computer users already enjoy applying.

1. Please make the hero and mount I control invincible. There is a cheat to restore the hero's health, but it's bothersome to activate it every time they are attacked. It would be great if there were cheats to make the hero and mount, or just the hero, or just the mount invincible from the beginning.

2. Currently, when increasing the hero's stats, each cheat press raises it by 30 points. It would be great if there were cheats to raise all stats to 330 from the beginning or to raise them to the desired level at once. Additionally, it would be helpful if I could increase the stats of companions or family members I control, not just the hero I control.

3. I would appreciate cheats for crafting weapons like shields, bows, and arrows at the forge, as well as cheats to enhance the abilities of items. I often envy super weapons like the Blue Dragon Crescent Moon Blade from YouTube videos, which can instantly kill five enemies at once. Overall, I would like cheats that generally improve weapon stats or allow for crafting various weapons.

4. There is a cheat to create a squad of five members, but it's very inconvenient because you can't choose the specific type or unit of soldiers. It would be great to have a cheat where you can create soldiers of your desired type, unit, and quantity.

5. I would appreciate a cheat that allows for teleportation.

PS4 users face limitations in experiencing various mods like PC users, and there are constraints on using cheats freely. If I can't enjoy cheats as much as I want, my fingers will suffer a lot... They already hurt so much.

Regardless of whether my request is accepted or not, I would sincerely appreciate a response. Thank you very much for creating such a great game that I enjoy immensely.
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