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useful information from a staff member:

Hello is the EN server offline?? i cant join
Yes. This server doesn't work at the moment. Just pick the Server Ru 1 server(Everyone is playing on ths server atm, all english speakers). We have only one server due to the Early access version. More servers are planned to open later. We expect a stable version from July 2021. Thank you for you understanding and patience.
Just marking this thread to see the legal developments later.
Maybe Taleworlds doesn't know yet or maybe they do and that's why the EN server went down.
this looks incredible! I might even reinstall bannerlord if they keep this up. :grin: i really hope failworlds doesn't screw this up for everyone.


Download at your own risk, I guess. I don't know enough about tech either to make any real comment on that, but I can vouch for the mod itself working as intended. Maybe give it a shot if you have a burner PC :razz:

It seems safe. I mean what's the worst that can happen.


Taleworlds will not like this.If this is possible other MP mods will follow.Maybe finally they will be forced to rush custom servers.

P.S It works my clanmates currently play it.


Definitely a game changer. Hopefully TW would join or/and support that project. Beau travail. хорошая работа
EDIT : played for an hour, it's fun and really different - outside the facts that no more prebuscent cav cries on chat which is good - can't wait for moarrr.
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The server only has 80 slots wich is sad, it has been full since I downloaded it.
They are restarting now and trying a 200 slot server.

I have played for a few hours now and it's interesting to say the least. I can't wait to see where it goes.


Oh man this mod is like successfully convincing a cop of being wrong. No good way out of it. Either a legal action is coming or final blow to devs reputation.


Hopefully TW doesn't shut this down like they did with the modded servers in beta. They want people to be on their servers so they can get metrics but this isn't really replacing any existing mp gamemode. I guess they could be concerned about the netcode leaking to other modders, but killing a project of this magnitude so early on would probably scare off alot of modders and hurt the long term potential of the game!
Legal action on principle + releasing custom servers, because the cat's out of the bag. I find both MP dev arguments (metrics+support) unconvincing, they just jealous of modders and cockblocking the whole MP crowd because of that.


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It's pretty lackluster at the moment, but damn I'm surprised it's even possible without Tw even releasing server files. Mod came just in a nick of time before I was going to give up on game.


It's really fun despite the lag and limited features. The fact that 200 player co-op servers are possible really gives me hope for this game!
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