EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup V - Captain Signup Open (56/56)

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With 3 players quitting, inspire, the last vandal and arni.

Red_War Jaximus, Fate and James Lindsey are now in the tournament.

* NOTE *

If someone outside of the tournament joins as a captain, the players above will from right to left not play in bdc. Example: if 2 players outside of bdc join then jaximus fate and james lindsey will not be in the auction/tournament. Since captain spots go first.

Doing 1 last recount, Will post results below.
@Krisee Considering that summer time is out of the equation until spring, but your OP lists 17 CEST for the main event, would you mind updating it so everyone is on the same page?
I propose to prohibit the replacement of players with "similar" skills after the end of the auction. I don’t want to write which case I mean, but these replacements are controversial. There are reserve players for this case. Alternatively, such substitutions must be confirmed by all captains.

Thanks Obelix and Krisee for the tournament anyway. It was great organized as always. You manage to gather people and it's great. I hope you organize the next tournament :smile:
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