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Sir Frederic

something that surprises me in the character's attributes is that they only increase the maximum experience range of the affected skills of him. But it would be good if by itself, each point in a certain attribute increases a particular state, as it is in the fallout saga and if I remember correctly in warband it did it too.

The following occurs to me:

Strength: more physical damage, more speed in drawing a bow or crossbow.
Control: better aim, better skill with the shield.
Resistance: more life points, more resistance to stagger, more resistance for the forge.
Cunning: more attack speed, chance to totally negate incoming damage.
Charisma: more troops, less chance of prisoner escaping, less daily salary for companions.
Intelligence: more experience per action. small chance in a period of time to develop a talent.

The list above are suggestions that occur to me, the bost of each point should be low and become considerable only with the accumulation of several points. For example, two points of life per point of resistance, would give 10 points of life with 5 of resistance, it is an acceptable value, 20 points for 10 of resistance is already something notorious.

On intelligence, it would be entertaining to have a small chance for x period of time that your character develops an extra talent, low, almost unlikely, but if it happened it would make anyone's life happy. Also, after age 40 or 50 you will also develop "old age", a low chance of losing experience in a skill, with a reduced chance based on your intelligence points. Something like losing 10 levels of experience, nothing severe, but over time, when one reaches level 40 and is somewhat old, it is already difficult to increase something, losing experience in a skill would at least refresh the experience of leveling up of the skills. Some players start with a 50 year old character for the extra attributes and talents, in this case it would be a price to pay for the points advantage.


i think you should have a big experience gain bonus when you're young, let's say 18-25 and then it slowly tapers off to the normal rate once you get to 50 years old. that's probably what they were going for way back when levelling up made you gain experience slower, but that method was super dumb because it penalized you for making progress, but if it was instead decided by age people would be encouraged to get out there in the world and do different things to take advantage of the xp gain bonus. and it just makes more sense that young people learn faster. This would also make your starting age lead to different styles of playthroughs. Instead of just trading life expectancy for more or less stats, you'd be more locked into your starting choices the older you start out as, while if you start out younger you have less stats but more flexibility to train in skills other than what you picked at the start
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