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Armenian and christian anatolian troop

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I noticed, while freelancing for Leon III of Armenia, that there are Antolian troops marked with a "+". Since i would like to  play a byzantine\anatolian character, is it possible to recruit them? Do i need to become vassal for the ilkhanate?

I'm playing with the lance recruitment system, but in the older games, when i was playing with the classic warband system, that the ilkhanate urban recruits started orthodox and then turned muslim after tier 2. Any particular ways\settlement that allow the recruitment of orthodox anatolian troops?


I got the following different cultural troops out of Ilkhanate - Mongol troops from the fortress Ragga and the villages Amid and Tikrit, Christian Anatolian troops in the fortress Ermenak and the village Karaman. In all other places I got Muslim Anatolian troops, if I recall correctly, but I am not sure if there weren't any Mongols mixed in between. I think the fortresses around Trebizond have partly Mongol troops in their garrisons, not sure though. 

With lance system, you have to own some lands, ie. be a vassal of a faction (or king of course) in order to be able to recruit lances from your fiefs, and you can only recruit regular troops from the fiefs that belong to you. This is there to simulate the medieval feudal system where the lord would raise his army from his lands and then join his king. If you don't own any lands then you will only be able to recruit mercenaries. But there are more than enough of them available in every town through the town's menu. Ilkhanate, like many other factions or locations too, has its own special mercenaries and these are the Kwarezmian mercenaries in Trebizond and Aleppo who are excellent archers/horsearchers (default Latin mercs in Ankara and Iconium) + Georgian heavy horsemen or horsearchers in every city in Ilkhanate.
Anatolian christian culture centers:

Most of the Ilkhanate should be Muslim Anatolian cultured. If you think its not correct, just tell me which settlement should have which culture. As far as I remember I was not sure which culture to assign to which.


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Can't guarantee for Karaman, but the rest seems pretty good to me.

Nice touch with the orthodox recruits turning muslims once they got a better job. That's pretty much how everything worked, as far as i know.
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