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I posted this in the where's the patch TW thread but it will just get lost in there so thought i would make a proper thread about it.

"As far as a roadmap goes i get the reason that dev's don't like to give them but i believe having one causes less problems.
I would also suggest a solution to this in the form of a forum rule.

Dev's post a roadmap that clearly states timeframes may change etc.
Joe bloggs later that week whines that X wasn't implemented despite this.
Joe Bloggs forum banned for a week/month people would soon get the message problem solved :smile:
And the rest of us that have more than two brain cells to rub together would get the info we crave."

This is an EA game many of us are offering suggestions and feedback but we have no real way of knowing if these suggestions are already being worked on.
It is a simple thing to have some level of communication with us on the forum we do not expect daily updates we just want an idea of what to expect going forward.
A weekly or even monthly post about what is currently being worked on would go a long way to improving feedback and cutting down on suggestions for things that are already in the works.
We are essentially game testers right now so help us to help you keeping us in the dark does nothing but cause discontent not to mention the arguements.

And people pls no arguing in here either + or - if you agree disagree ty


I thought EA was about linking the developer with players/community in a meaningful way. Not just sending crash and bug reports. What you're saying is spot on. Why is it in EA if they don't plan on routinely and deeply communicating with the community and leveraging the eagerness of the community to accomplish testing/tuning goals?
The masses are appeased, it's just a vocal minority of idiots who are whining.
Just because someone isn't vocal does not mean they are happy with the current situation.
And none of us should claim to speak for them they can do that themselves if they so wish.
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