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AOE4 Nerfed the Mongols, I think I need to be alone for awhile

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*That video from the Hitler movie people are always captioning*
As I build my landmark, watching my stable, ready to make double Lancers..... and they're just not there.....
Everyone who watched streamer :poop:s play the game all week and knew about this change, please leave the room.
What do you mean I need age 3? Every Civ gets them at age 3! Mongols are supposed get them at age 2 because they're the Mongols!
Oh they buffed the Mangudai? Oh good I'll just make some in the archery range that I don't have, because I made a stable, because I wanted Lancers!
Mangudai can't kill the buildings! Lacers kill the buildings! You kill the buildings you get the resources!
I'M GOING TO LOSE THE MATCH! DAY 1 AND I'M A LOSER! Okay I didn't lose, but I still lost on the inside
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