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please fix the culture inheritance of children (father passes on a cultural name for child but not actual culture) and please do something about the voting system, im tired of seeing the same clan leaders being nominated for everything. there are clans around the faction with rich towns that can easily rake in money from said towns but are not given responsibilities to match. its expensive to defend a new fief, especially if its poor and often raided. it should not fall into the hands of the same clans

please make archers have the same calculated aim as skirmishers. archers currently do not calculate their targets movement and where they will be positioned next. sidestepping or riding in circles completely eliminates them as a threat. melee cavalry also dont count in their speed when attacking, making faster cavalry worse at combat, and no danger to go against on foot or when both are charging against each other. i am convinced the khuzaits are the worst during combat even though they should not be, just because of these ai flaws. khergits were already seriously underwhelming during offensive sieges in warband if you took part in them, but at least had a serious punch and infuriating strategies on open plains that could keep a swadian knight distracted for minutes and eventually kill them. i want to feel the same power from khuzaits

also please make a beginner ranger suffer more from inconsistent aim, because the lower damage and lower reload speed does not matter if you are still safe to shoot targets at will. hurting something from afar should not be an easy feat. it should be the main challenge when building up a pool of archers, like the main challenge of building up a pool of cavalry is to afford enough (war) horses, and the main challenge of building up infantry is to keep them alive. right now it does not feel like archers have any weaknesses (other than sidestepping enemies, which should not be a weakness)

i think it will also be necessary to have untrained ranged struggle with landing hits if their aim is going to be much more precise at tracking targets movement, so they dont become too terrifying a force against cavalry until they are well upgraded. javelin and stone throwers already are capable of tracking aim - would mention axe throwers too but they have an entirely different problem with calculating height of aim at medium to long range. dont know with throwing knives because it is rare to see a knife throwing ai in action. most of the ai's combat flaws are noticed during tournaments. khuzait tournaments are the worst, leading me to think they are the worst in real battles since tournaments reflect the cultures fighting style

well, at least the horse archers have no problem harassing foot archers and infantry in formations, but i would hate to think of how many times mounted archers have failed to shoot cavalry riding past or fleeing enemies even though they would be most fit for that task, or fast lancers poking at the air because hurr durr horse too fast. there is ironically a bug in tourneys after a mounted competitor is dehorsed and mounts a new one where they move extremely slow towards a target, but they become so much better at landing hits against charging opponents because of it. which reminds me another bug that should be addressed, is tournament lancers going into social distancing mode against each other instead of preparing another charge, or just try stab a little more without doing a 180 with their horses. these bugs have been around since early access and should have been fixed long ago because they ruin the experience (and tournaments) so much

it would also be nice if two handed maces were added to shop and to troops. they are nonexistent outside of the very few smithing options, and only way to unlock them is to melt down cheaply made two handed maces. it doesnt seem to work properly, as in it wont unlock all parts since you are stuck with low tier mace parts. two handed maces does not look like its properly implemented overall is what im saying, but there were really cool two handed maces in warband, like the great hammer for slaver chiefs or knights using long bastard morning stars

remember this awesome wooden sledge hammer? i am not satisfied until i find it lying around in some battanian grocery store https://mountandblade.fandom.com/wiki/Sledgehammer/Warband
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