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Sergeant Knight
This is the Sub-Board rules. They must be followed. Or else you will be reported. Read them. Follow them. Live by them.

  • I allow you to speak a foreign language. But only on one thread per language and the name of the thread must warn people that the thread contains another language
  • I do not want to  see any political aspects on this board. As long as it isn't on your avatar, signature or personal message. So keep it for yourself. No one wanna know who you voted for.
  • Read the FAQ and the Rule Book before you post. And please read the first post before you post as well
  • Allways report to moderator if someone breaks the rules

Post any questions you have below.


Can I suggest removing all of the non add-on download posts in the Add-on collection and let us have our own Comments thread per add-on? It's a bit hard to find an add-on in the middle of the thread.


Sergeant Knight
Yea I was ment to do that. Though.. I donno I forgot it.. But right now do I have a terrible stomachake so I will just quickly check the forum then go to bed...
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