Any plans to address the 1.5.9 main branch to fix the 4/29/21 hotfix now that there's a 1.5.10 beta branch?

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Is Taleworlds going to address 1.5.9 or just abandon it and work on 1.5.10?

Considering that 1.5.9 is currently the main "stable" branch and the 4/29/21 hotfix for it has made it not so "stable"? (lag just about everywhere)


They usually provide hotfixes for both. But if the solution to some of your lag is already implemented in 1.5.10 then no. That is why there is a beta version, when 1.5.11 or whatever comes out, 1.5.9 will be updated with the fixes (of 1.5.10).

Also, make sure to report your lag/problem in the tech forum if it is not already reported; your instability does not necessarily translate to other people so it may not apply to everyone
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