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Really simple, I would love ambush battles to introduced that act exactly the same way as in Total war series.

So, if your party is stationary on global map and located in specific biome like forest for example, then you can enter ambush mode. It becomes much harder for other parties to detect in the same manner as you randomly detect bandit hideouts (chance of being uncovered should be based on enemy's Scouting). And when enemy party travels closeby you have short time window to disclose yourself and attack them in ambush mode (maybe this time window could be affected by your Rogue and Tactics skill).

Just remember Total war series on this one - attacker army can be spawned on both sides of the road and defender army can't chose their battle order (they are on the march) + maybe have lowered morale.

I think addition of this would greatly expand gameplay variability even without teaching AI to do this
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Imagine when you help a party in a battle and you actually walk into an ongoing battle.
Or when attacking an army laying siege you actually attack outside the city gates.
First, you need ambush terrain -

(1) sunken winding path in a forest, surrounded by steep banked hills.
(2) Flat desert path terrain surrounded by gullies ,that can hide troops.
(3) Path winding beside river or lake with hills overlooking the path.

AI would need brain-surgery to handle such.
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