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This game has risen from the dead if anyone used to play this.. and has become better then ever
This here forum's an AoEII forum ever since it was founded by Pappy Armagan, and we don't take kindly to your folk 'round these parts.
AoE3 wasn't bad, but it had meta mechanics which were not well executed and created an imbalance between veteran and new players. I'm also pretty sure that the Japanese have the most robust economy throughout all stages of the game. :???: At least, I never had any problems staying way ahead of friends or AI of any difficulty, and I'm not exactly a pro AoE god.
Tbf I've never really played AoE 2, strangely enough my first Age of game was Mythology, then I saw the first ones gold edition in a shop and got it. Then picked up AoE 3 recently. I only got to play AoE 2 shortly from a friend.
It's the Home City that does it for me, to be honest. I was searching for semi-enjoyable RTS with some persistent elements between the maps ever since I got hooked on Battlecry series of Warlords and its heroes/retinue system. I like it when the game throws a 'yay, progress!' message at me at the end of the session.
I like a decent progression system myself, and while I loved AoE3 more than 2 (but not more than Mythology) I won't pretend like it was balanced. I don't think there's been any RTS that has really even attempted something like it since, which is a shame - I'd kill for something like Battle for Middle Earth II's create-a-hero with the amazing persistent statistic records in modern RTS games. Then again, the "modern RTS" is itself a dying breed.
Btw the new devs are working on the romans, here are some units from the weekly blogs  :party:
Captured Joe said:
But does it have pig economy?

the celtic caravans are pigs  :shifty:
If anyone is interested, here are the blogs about the romans
showing new units, buildings etc :smile:
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