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Hades' Star is a free-to-play, but not-pay-to-win casual game. Its description says "A unique space strategy game where thousands of players participate in one shared galaxy."

You are given a star system that you explore and develop, this is your safe base.
The game has 3 modes of play in addition to your peaceful star system.
Red stars: PvE mode with random or corp (guild) players to snatch artifacts to research in a 15-minute session.
Blue stars: PvP battle royale that lasts 5 minutes.
White stars: team PvP battles that stretch for five days. Corporations choose their team and start a scan to find a match, then enter a new battlefield where the goal is to mine asteroids, bring the mined hydrogen to planets which convert it to relics, then transport those relics to your gate. While preventing the other team from doing so. The white stars are actually slowed down battles (600x times! corresponds to 12 realtime minutes), so players don't have to stay glued to the game, but can still play and schedule moves as seldom as two times a day. This is the best of what Hades' Star has to offer because of the involved strategy and tactics and corps are running 5v5, 10v10 and 15v15 white stars.

Now the game is really a phone game that's also available on Steam, so it's not complex and you are supposed to play as little as 2x15 minutes each day. This is why people play it on work breaks and whenever they have a little time to spare and boredom to chase away. You could play it up to a few hours a day, but it's not designed for intense play.

Why I'm posting this? Our corporation is looking for new members and I hoped I could convince some here to come and play with us. We are a mid-level corp with good leadership and solid track record (24 consecutive 15v15 white star wins and counting) and would like to help and accommodate newbies interested to eventually fight in white stars.
Just install the game, play a bit and if you like it, join our Discord server or "Stellar Exports" in-game and see what this is about.
It's a welcoming corp with UK, US, German, Greek, Dutch and even Chinese members. We also have a Real Woman that wants to mother newbies. The rest of us would also go out of our way to help you.
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