Unresolved Adding MnB Classic to my profile's "Owned games"

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Yeah, so I bought MnB and WB off GOG. Adding them to my profile's "Owned games" only worked for WB (and VC for some reason, though I never bought it), but Classic doesn't have a serial key tab on GOG, so I can't add it on here. I know it's silly, but how do I actually add it? I searched the internet and someone said that you have to buy the game off the TW website to have a 'visible' serial key, but since I already bought it off GOG, why would I buy it again from the TW website?


Same, i own MnB from GOG since eternity but couldn't add it to the owned games since it doesn't show any key in GOG. I didn't mind, but i would like to hear a solution, if there is any.


As I recall (atleast with taleworlds owned copy) there is a way to view your key via Regedit. Just do a quick google search might direct you to a tutorial on how to do it.
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