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Guacc and Snazzy will rule Calradia lik Dani and Jon. Until Guacc is betrayed by Snazzy and burns everyone alive.


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Why would I trust Vorn and not Jeffery. Why would I send a man with a greatsword to shadow someone. Isn’t that a tad obvious? There should be some attention given to the clear tension between former warden Khervan and current warden Rurin I think. All in all I really love your work and am super excited for the next installment!  :smile:


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Danate said:
Emperor Rob laughed while stuffing his face with bad memes. “I could have use for Aporta but kill Danate”
Foreshadowing my consistent Rat Party pick of Aporta 3 Years later.
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An intense archaeological dig at the ruins of the old Golden Kingdom outposts has revealed a heretical text, part of which I shall inscribe herein.

(non-Canonical meme, enjoy!)

A minor skirmish occurred in the evening in the province of Peekup between the Rat King Roberta Baratheon's hordes and upstart Cheezeninja's militia levies. A number of champions, previously unaffiliated with either leader, were hastily called to the banners of the two sides. Rob began by picking Aporta the Silent (who would have guessed), Lagstro the Even More Silent, Guacc the PRIMAL FORCE, Thunder Bunga-Born, Weaboo Kel, Serj- Knight of Ser_J, Marquis the Criticizer, Daemon the Scourge of PW, Theotian (The only GK to ever be liked by the general community because he's such a nice guy), Ahmed the Arab-Guy-Who-Maybe-Plays-PW-But-IDK-Why-Is-He-Here (Direct quote), and finally Gorlock the Fat Kid.

Cheezeninja countered with a selection of champions including Alyss the Maybe-Hacking-But-Probably-Not-IDK-Man-He-Wasn't-That-Good-In-EU-No-He-Just-Tryhards-And-Practices-7-Hours-A-Day, Cow, who refuses to play cav unless his team is losing, John the Texan Taco, Yoshie, who gives all other French Canadians a bad name, Danate the Surprisingly Chill, Ebdanian, whose weird setup of playing warband with a mouse and a controller means that his controller is bound to stop working at least once during the skirmish, Sigi the faux Bostonian, Monkie the Peruvian who doesn't know any other SA players even though apparently they have an entire competitive scene now, and Sarah the Grill.

The warrior Chowski made an appearance, but he was promptly banned from Peekup.

Records of the battle contradict one another, as while it was expected the skirmish would only take place around the village of Reveran and the Legacy township, it extended from the walls of Castellum to the streets of the Mountain Fortress, with a detachment even facing off in Winterburg. Strangely, no matter what the outcome of the battle actually was, Rob always seemed convinced that he had lost.

The battle began with a HELLISH screech from Gorlock, who promptly led himself and any of his team foolish enough to follow him into a suicidal charge against the enemy forces. Incensed, the Rat King promptly banned Gorlock from the Peekup fields forever, but all present knew it was only a matter of time before the WPL2 champion returned to the battlefield.

Elsewhere, Yoshie cleaved through another enemy soldier, jeering, "f*****g s*****r" as the hapless infantry slumped to the ground. Unfortunately, at this moment, a stray arrow from a teammate knocked him into the swings of his enemies, and he departed from this earth with the final words of "oh my gawd, come onnnnnn guysssss".

Marquis was unable to hear the commands of his leader through the Discord, and so ended up far from the centerpoint of the battle repeatedly. His intense love of 2h loadouts meant that he topped the scoreboard only one set (and began maniacally laughing), and did nothing for the rest of the skirmish. Despite this, he felt fully entitled to lecture and criticize every decision Rob was making.

The PRIMAL infantry and the Bunganese cavalry joined forces to fight for victory or sport, and sometimes both. Despite his position on the ground, it is the nature of the mole to aspire to greater heights, and so beg for the opportunity to play cavalry at every opportunity. Thunder Bunga-Born, despite being present on the battlefield, faded to the background in almost every engagement until he found a long awlpike and promptly went 11-2 or some similar score.

Sigi advanced upon his opponents, stepping right and swinging left. He once again stepped right and swung left. Then, as his opponent went to reply, he promptly stepped back and to the left and swung from the right. The maneuver was flawless, but after he did it for the 20th time in a row, it became far less effective than it should have.

John began his reign of terror on the battlefield by killing an enemy or two. Then, he killed a teammate or two. Then, he went back to killing enemies, all the while mumbling about tacos. As his allies began to break under the weight of the Rat King, John did the only thing he knew to reverse the tide. He went courser cavalry, regardless of the map, faction, and team composition.
(Details of the Peekup Skirmish to come later).

From the shadows, the wandering Knight PPK watched the carnage. While those who saw him expected him to join in, he seemed content to simply silently observe.

The tide began to turn against Roberta Baratheon. Gorlock had long since left the field, and the Mole and Bunga no longer saw a serious chance of victory. His remaining warriors stood no chance against the tryhard power of Alyss, Cow, and Yoshie. Just when all seemed lost, Roberta unveiled his secret weapon: European mercenaries began to stream onto the battlefield, led by the All Star NA cavalry Gibby, the perpetually drunk ciiges, and the good natured Jarvis. The hope that the EU warriors could decide the battle soon faded, as it was late and they all had to go to bed, with the exception of Jarvis, for whom time has no meaning.

The records do not indicate who won this Peekup Skirmish, but it seems evident that all those in attendance lost in some way or another.