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There was a mod. Forgotten now. It allowed you to send a companion on a recruit mission.
Such a feture should be in vanilla. Most as a help to the horde of troop mods.

Go to the forrests of Battania and recruit 50 archers!
Go to the the steeps of Khuzait and recruit 50 horse archers.
Go to the deserts of Aserai and recruit camel riders.
Go to Sturgia and bring us a proper shieldwall!

If it is a companion there can be a skill that opens this option. Something one has to work for. Or a combination of skills. Maybe even their origin.
Or just a merchant that opens this option same as hiring a caravan for a cost.
Sounds like Warband ? Good idea, maybe even allow "special Requests" not just for troops (Recruiter) but also ask caravans to bring back "60 grapes" .

Hopefully modders will port WB features in BL once it's officially released ?
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