1.80 Beta issues and suggestions

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Issues :
Lairs attack.

- confirmed, during lair attack there are heroes I do not have selected which will be at least in the attacking party...
Another negligence point. I know, I'm not fun, but at soon 50 yo, I hate the undone work, do it well, or do nothing. Or do something else :wink:
The first PC games from the 90's where more finished than those from nowadays, with much more technolgy, so stop running after money, and work properly. :wink:
Useless to fix lol, so funny when you have a high Throwing to see them take off the ground =)
And really not a nuisance to the mecanisms of the game. Unlike the melee combat :smile:
yes, 1.8 is more annoying than before in combat. The only ones benefiting from this are the imperial legionnaires who carry the calradic mace.

In foot combat I hardly ever get into fair fights, or just slash enemies while they're distracted or running away.
One the one hand, if you are owner of the town, it is convenient to improve Roguery, since you can sell prisoners to the ransom broker.

One the other, when it's not the case (you are not the owner) , you cannot store ennemy lords, because the prison is full and it's painfull. Only for the player, the AI can fill prison with no limit...
Agreed. There is very little advantage to have NPC's just drop random prisoners into a dungeon. They should sell all prisoners to the broker with the exception of Lords. They should be dropped into the Dungeon on the next visit of a town or castle.
I still can state that there are stupid / senseless / mindless defection decisions.

That play-through was started the 16 august, before the update, does it require a new game to have the issue removed?
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