In Progress 1.5.8 wrong XP calculations

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No, I didn't use any mods.


I started new game, play the tutorial quest so i can go to radagos hideout fast for xp grind

getting in with polearms and get knocked out but the last bandit so i can start again with 100% hp

getting 1 point in polearm at level 30 (around 800xp) + 2 in athleticx at level 20-ish (around another 400xp?)

looking at my overall xp (need 3000 for next level) and see that i only made around 500 xp (need 2500 xp for next level)

lost over 500 xp. not sure but it maybe also miscalculate xp in arena, only field battles give the right amount of xp as far as i know.

will see how it looks with the trading skill.


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You get raw XP from your actions which count for your overall level progression. This raw XP is multiplied by your learning rate for your skill progression. So your level XP and your skill XP don't have to add up because XP you get for your level progression doesn't get affected by your learning rate.


ok, trading is the same.
got a mian level up,after that i got 1 point in trading from 52 to 53, thats around 3000xp, but i only got around 500 xp to my main level
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