[1.4.1 - Hotfix May 29] Vlandia declares war on me every day.

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Immediately after loading a 1.4.1 campaign after the hotfix today, several new wars were declared:
  • Battania declared war on Southern Empire (Battania already had 2 wars)
  • Northern Empire declared war on Southern Empire (Nimps already had 3)
  • Sturgia declared war on Southern Empire (Sturgia already had 2).
  • Vlandia declared war on Sturgia (Vlandia already had 3).
  • Vlandia declared war on me (Vlandia already had 4).
Vlandia, despite having 4 other wars, has declared war on my custom kingdom very frequently since the patch.
Even twice in one day.
I've canceled the war every time using the console and they declare again quickly.

The same happens with the Southern Empire: canceling all their wars with the console leads to kingdoms declaring again on them quickly.

In this hotfix the war decision-making formulas were changed (eg DefaultDiplomacyModel.GetScoreOfDeclaringWar()).
The new formulas seem to make factions extremely eager to declare on weak factions (my kingdom and the Southern Empire have 1 city each).
2 developers have said that war frequency is intended to be decreased, not increased, so this may be a mistake.


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The save I was working on had a similar issue. After the 1.4.1 hotfix, I loaded my save and noticed that whenever I go into the Diplomacy tab and click on a nation it immediately declares war on them from my faction (merc for the Northern Empire in this save).

Whether I use the console to set or use influence to vote for peace, clicking on the nation banner in the Kingdom Menu, Diplomacy tab immediately declares war again every single time, regardless of how many wars are being waged currently (Northern Empire is warring with Sturgia and Khuzait at the time of this notice.)