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  1. In Progress Crashing during startup load screen

    Summary: Crashing during startup load screen on versions 1.7.0 , 1.7.1, 1.7.2 (on 1.8.0 work fine) How to Reproduce: Start game on version 1.7.* Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 11 GPU: Intel UHD Graphics...
  2. Need More Info Cannot Launch Game -- Game Crashes after a few seconds during start-up loading screen.

    Summary: I cannot start up the game, the launcher opens from steam, but when I click Play, the game loads up, then quickly crashes after a few seconds of showing the first loading screen before the menu or taleworlds logo. When I attempt to send a crash report, it always fails. Even in safe...
  3. Baskream10

    Need More Info The start screen is freez

    I cant enter in the game because the start screen is frozen and I cant click in any options of it (multiplayer, singleplayer, mod or news)
  4. dalaron

    Need More Info Crash On Start

    Summary: Hello, i have played Bannerlord 2 40h aprox when released and several other times, but there was a patch that just broke the game like 5 months ago, I initialize the launcher and it opens up, then in the next seconds i freezes and then it closes by himself, making me unable to do...
  5. Need More Info Game crashes while launching

    Summary: yesterday i downloaded bannerlord. when i start the game via steam the first loading screen comes up for a second, stays and a message is shown: "the application faced a problem. we need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. would you like to update these files now." then i...
  6. In Progress Crash on startup

    Hello, I'm creating this thread since i've been running into this crash problem for a little while now and it is quite annoying i must say. Summary: When starting the game through steam or by the launcher, i arrive to the loading screen, the little horse on the bottom right appear and then i...
  7. Wüstenkrieger

    Resolved General Modding Kit not starting at all

    Summary: When starting the modding kit via the launcher, the launcher closes and the kit never starts. The process of the launcher is still running until killed via task manager. Re-installing, restarting, changing version from e1.6.2 to e1.6.3 beta did not fix the issue. Note: The game has the...
  8. VictorOK

    Resolved crash on the "TaleWorlds" logo

    Resume:The game is installed via steam. When I launch the game (not the launcher, but the game itself), it loads. After that, the video (intro) begins with the company logo. Regardless of whether to skip this intro or watch until the end, the game crashes. A window will appear asking you to send...
  9. salihonur

    [ÇÖZÜLDÜ] STEAM OYUNU AÇILMIYOR! (Teşekkürler Taleworlds)

    Merhaba, Aslında single ve multiplayer diye ayırmak doğru değil. Oyun hiç açılmıyor. Bannerloard cursoru gelip gidiyor. Güncel kararlı yamaları aktif tutuyorum ama 2 haftadır böyle. Dün kaldırıp sıfırdan kurduğum halde düzelmedi. Aşağıda GIF ve ekran görüntülerini paylaşıyorum...
  10. Need More Info Stuck on white screen when launched then followed by a pop up message

    I haven't even played this game yet and this issue has occured, i've tried multiple fixes outlined on multiple forums all of which don't work. The error popup says: "Application Crash" "The application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to...
  11. Resolved White Screen Crashing

    When I start from Steam or from the exe i get the first opening and hit play but it says v.1.0.0 instead of v1.0.4 and i hit play and then white screen and crash. I logged 32 hours in on launch day with only 2 crashes so im curious about why it is crashing now. Thanks yall.
  12. Bannerlord startet nicht

    Erst mal sry falls das hier nicht hingehört weiß einfach nicht weiter und bin schon ein wenig verzweifelt. Es gab grade um 22 Uhr ein Update der Crashes fixt aber ich hab immer noch das Problem das das Spiel sich nicht starten lässt. Steam springt für eine Sekunde auf Bannerlords danach wieder...
  13. Crashing trying to start the game

    After the hotfix that was released yesterday my game will no longer start up i get a quick loading screen when trying to start up and it crashes, I've tried everything imaginable and nothing is working, if someone could help me i would really appreciate it :)
  14. ZerooDawn

    In Progress Game crash at the start

    Hello, few seconds after i start the game, the game crashes. Sometimes in the loading screen and sometimes when i create a character. Everytime i get the same ERROR-Message: My graphic drivers and DirectX are up-to-date! When i run the...
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