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  1. Servers are crashing again ....

    Hello, In multiplayer, server crash every 2 games. I didn't remember it was so bad at the beginning of the alpha/beta version.
  2. Need More Info North American Captain and Skirmish Servers Queuing and Matchmaking BROKEN since e1.7.2 update

    Greetings Moderators and Developers. I wanted to take some time to communicate with you that your North American Player base have been experiencing game breaking issues since the release of your e1.7.2 patch, specifically with matchmaking and queuing. I have asked members of the steam chat--...
  3. Fix your servers - crashes and connection problems since start of EA

    This is not only about the stuttering that came with the new patch. I know this game is in development and i know adding new things can cause problems. But connection problems and server crashes have accompanied bannerlord MP from the beginning of the early access. It feels like finishing a game...
  4. The Server Crashes are more frequent and bugs are even worse now after latest update

    So, after the 1.7.2 update came out, the servers seem to crash alomst every single round. There is a bug that will make you unable to attack, block, or swap weapons (the only way we have found to fix it is to hold G and drop all of your weapons), we couldnt figure out what causes it, it seems...
  5. Resolved Update 1.7.1. Broke Matchmaking

    Summary: Over the last two days many players in the captains steam chat group have expressed not being able to get into games, only the siege server is still up, which is a trend I have noticed when there are issues with the Captains and Skirm servers. Regardless, it appears something about this...
  6. Askey

    In Progress MP EU Siege

    The server is hanging on the loading screen just before the match starts. We are free to join and leave but the match is not starting. Additionally, when do you guys actually plan on fixing these servers - are you even bothered that they are unstable?
  7. Goyyyio

    The South American issue and a pledge for Custom Servers

    First of all, let me say that the game has been incredibly playable now, the performance updates have been amazing and the game has never run so well on my computer, props to that. The reason I say playable, its because even after two years, the NA servers still crash (even with 16 people...
  8. KermitTFrog

    Multiplayer is dead, and TaleWorlds killed it.

    It's been, what, 18 months since EA launch? You'd think that be enough time, but for some reason I can't seem to begin to have in a multiplayer match without a classic, trademark, TaleWorlds moment (i.e., server crash). It's mind-numbingly infuriating, a slap in the face to everyone who humored...
  9. In Progress European servers not working!

    After the last update TDM Siege captain etc none of them work! Can someone take a look at this if it's not a hassle? Summary: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  10. Fixer

    Resolved 1.6.1-EU siege is down

    Summary: 1.6.1-EU siege is down seems to have crashed&not recovering How to Reproduce: check custom server list
  11. Grank

    In Progress Custom game servers close prematurely

    Summary: Since 1.5.9, a custom game server runs for three stages. However, at the third and last stage, the server will close and the player will get disconnected with a "Game Ended" message. This happens around 2:10 minutes left. The time is not consistent at 2:10 remaining. It could be a few...
  12. Abbakus_86

    No Siege or TDM server on EU

    Servers are keep crashing when its loading next map, then disappears entirely.Is there any fix in works atm?
  13. Shiroin

    In Progress Server crashing when finishing warmup stage on Baravenos Encirclement [Asia]

    Map: Baravenos Encirclement Occurred Time: around 4:00 PM Monday(GMT+3) Server: East Asian Siege, Custom Server Error: The game shows "Server not responding," and the game client runs well. Description: The server crashed when the warmup stage over on Baravenos Encirclement. Some Asian...
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