sea raider

  1. MFN Figue

    So... what's the deal with sea raiders?

    So far i have been to 3 areas that usually have lots of sea raiders on the map. First is the area right above Pravend (usually the most effective area), the second one is the coast between Diathma and Argoron, this one has few of them but still works sometimes. And the third one is the entire...
  2. MinhTien

    In Progress Weird red lighting and reflection in Sea Raider Hideout

    Summary: Water and other reflective surfaces, like metal armors, show a dark red reflection from an unknown source. How to Reproduce: Graphic settings are mostly Medium presets. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Note both the water and the shoulder armor...
  3. AI ranged accuracy

    Not sure if accuracy was buffed for AI, but it seems after one of the patches looters and other various low level raiders are extremely accurate to the point of incredible frustration. They just don't seem to miss anymore even when I'm riding full speed on a horse.
  4. Unreasonable autobattle results

    So I had a party of ~70 troops and helped some peasants being attacked by 15 sea raiders. I was injured so I sent them to autobattle and they got utterly destroyed somehow. As you can see, 6 Sea Raider Chief killed 56 units. Fairly certain that isn't intended. When battling, if you have even...
  5. Sea raiders broken?

    so I got a quest from a guy in a town which wanted me to hunt down 2 sea raider group. It lead me to get a 19k denar armor(decorated Northern Hauberk) after the battle. I have been getting tier 4 or more loot from sea raiders before but I think this is just insane tbh
  6. Resolved Sea raiders Hideout bug

    Pretty much, any Sea raider hideout I try to attack, I get stuck in the loading screen prior to getting into the battle. Any other hideout works fine.