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Hello, have a bit of scene creating expirience (1500 hrs in scene editor) I really have lots of fun creating scenes for mods with current (1.9 beta) mod tools and want to say that TW did great job on this field. And here is my proposals and thoughts how to improve scening post release.

1. Navigation mesh
Navigation mesh auto generation have been improved a lot but its still not perfect. Actually with proper autogeneration parameters - you can generate not terrible navigation mesh which works well in battles and civilian scenes. It seems that kinda important parameter in autogeneration "edge lenght" not working at the moment, and imo it needs to be fixed. Also would be cool to implement autogeneration in several stages, like where you can combine grid generation for open spaces and then you using autogen to fill empty spaces in between - this would help a lot to create pretty and useful navmesh.

2. Vertex painting - very important parameter to break the repetitivnes of textures on objects, and what is sad it only partially working atm. Dev team need to look on this because it was reported to be fixed (but actually not)

3. More control over flora painted with flora brush, atm after placing you can - resize, change color, move placed trees and flora objects but, would be nice to have seasonal options for non layer flora, ability to select only one specific kind of flora on the map, and ability to change flora elevation (currently its not possible)

4. More control over flora color variations - atm when you changing color of the tree or other flora object, you changing color of entire tree. Would be better to have separated factor colors for tree trunk and for tree foliage, this will allow more interesting variations for autumn or spring, now you just cant have reed tree foliage during autumn, because tree trunk also becomes red, and to have this kind of foliage you need to rework native files (which is not possible lol)

5. More control over water probe, would be cool if waves strenght would not have wind dependancy and would be separate parameter ( so you not gonna need comically strong wind to have decent looking sea waves.

6. Water planes which actually creating splashes and have water physics which slowing down npc and player character - this will allow to create more interesting water on different elevation lvl. It seems there is such parameter in water planes, but it does nothing. So need to be fixed.

7. Path decals - very problematic at the moment, even in native scenes they not work properly (since update which introduced seasonal visibility for path decal) in native MP scenes I saw it working during Warmup phase, but later in battle phase it stops working, very weird and need to be fixed, because decals are very important part of look variety.

8. Separation on civilian and battle mode in village scenes - this would make object placement inside village scenes more interesting and logical.

9. Randomized size of farm animals, atm they all of the same size which looks weird.

10. and another very important thing - ability to save multiseasonal layer template, for now it only saves one season. Like I have texture with flora on it, I have seasonal variations for it too, would be logical to save all seasonal variations, so Im not gonna need to have 50+ templates but only 14-15 which I use.

I hope its not too late to make suggestions) Thanks in advance.
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