1. HalfMetalJacket

    The Untapped Potential of the Notables system

    Made this suggestion a while ago and its been about two years. Its not getting traction though, so I'm going to try revive it here. I think TW has something very interesting going on with the notables system... and yet they don't quite realise the actual potential of it. You want to keep a...
  2. deuxhero

    More ways to raise Notable relations

    Unless you abuse smithing, or spend the early game just doing quests, most notables will only ever have ~0 relationship with the player. This makes this sub-system less than impactful. Notables should have more things boost their relationship, even if only a small amount each instance, so this...
  3. Lazregamesh

    How does one gain a supporter (notables)?

    I never understood this mechanic, i have a relationship of 100 with one of my notables and he is currently supporting no one. On the same note, can you flip notables to support you instead of random people?
  4. HalfMetalJacket

    Noble Recruitment

    How do you feel about the recruitment of noble troops in this game? Is amassing an army of noble easy? Or is it still difficult? As I understand it (which is not saying much), notables spawn noble troops at a certain power level. I'm just curious because I'm thinking of creating a treeless...
  5. Lychee Nut

    Increase notable's recruitment quantity and add a notable specifically for Noble recruits.

    As the title says you have entire sets of noble unit branches for every faction in the game, and they are very rarely seen as recruit-able units in the town/Village influential people's rosters. They are almost unnoticeable in various armies and don't really get placed into elite squads. One of...
  6. Allow Companion Emissaries to solve city/village issues based on their perks

    I like the new emissary mechanic but think that it could be expanded to make it a more important mechanic. An emissary left in a city should have a chance to complete notable quests depending on their skills and whether they are a hired companion or a family member. Hired Companions should be...
  7. Bannerman Man

    Show owned caravans in merchant notables' tooltips

    When a notable's power falls below 100 they start to have a daily chance to disappear (become "lost") if they don't own any workshops, alleyways, or caravans. When you hover over a notable, their tooltip will show any owned workshops or alleys, but doesn't show whether or not they currently own...
  8. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.10] Noble troops from influential notables?

    Summary: In my current game I can hire a lot of noble troops from notables that are not powerful. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  9. niekdegrijze

    gangleader only gives bandit recruits

    i find it strange that you can recruit faction troops from the criminal underground. additionally this limits the possibility to recruit bandits/outlaws. my suggestion is to limit the recruits from gangleader notables to the bandit/outlaw troop trees. ps: if someone can point me to the right...
  10. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding Bandit recruitment from gangleader notable

    I basically want to add another type of recruit to cultures. At the moment you have 2 types of units: basic and elite . I would like to add a third type to cultures (bandits) and make it so that the gang leader notable is only offering bandit units as recruits. can someone point me to the...
  11. Apocal

    Relations with notables are heritable.

    I know a lot of people get mad when the game resets your progress in gaining relations from the early- and mid-game because notables can die. But they get replaced by a family member who inherits the same relations. I know I've posted this before and people said they didn't believe it, so I...
  12. Apocal

    Need a tab to find supporters.

    Right now, supporters are notables who support your clan, giving a modest boost to influence. This information is already available in the UI by hovering over a notable's picture in the top bar of a settlement. But there is no way to easily find who is supporting your clan from the other side...
  13. Daniel O'John

    In Progress [e 1.5.7] Notable Power Decreasing to the Negatives

    Hello, I'm currently playing on a save game from a previous edition (about 1.5.4) that I chose to import to the latest version for some time now, and in almost every town I go to at this stage of the game, the artisan type notables' power is in the negatives and just keeps on decreasing even...
  14. Short_n_quick

    Resolved [1.5.6 beta] Last location in notable's tootlip appears tiwce.

    When hovering over notables' portraits, in the part where owned locations in a city are listed, last item appears twice, if there are more than one of them. Example given on screenshot below.
  15. Resolved A.I. Nobles Not Continuing Their Lineages/ Not Marrying & Reproducing

    Summary: While playing in the game, the noble leaders of other factions die off and do not leave any heirs. This happens to other clans, not just the ruling clan, in any given faction as well. The result is the number of notable characters reducing/ dying off every day without replenishing the...
  16. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.5] Naked notables

    Using the quick talk feature leads to some naked notables.
  17. HalfMetalJacket

    Appointing new notables

    People gripe about not being able to recruit the troops of their faction in conquered settlements, resulting in armies that tend to look mixed and lose identity. Proposals to fix this include allowing players to change the culture of a settlement. There are mods that do this too. Here's another...
  18. Bannerman Man

    Resolved [Major Bug] There is an error with data types in the method SpawnNotablesIfNeeded that prevents settlements from spawning new notables.

    Summary: There is an error in the method SpawnNotablesIfNeeded (which controls weekly notable spawning) that prevents settlements from spawning new notables under most circumstances. The method divides two values to get the probability for a new notable to spawn. The code converts the result of...
  19. Bannerman Man

    Resolved An analysis of the major issues with disappearing notables and the mechanic that controls their daily power change.

    Summary: Notables are disappearing at a high rate (especially in villages). Below, I've identified what I think are the some of the major causes. This post is copied from a comment I made in another bug report for the sake of visibility. Details: When a new game is created, notables are...
  20. Need More Info E1.4.3 notables crash

    Game crashes everytime I enter any town or try to speak to any notable. Can't hold a conversation long enough to create a caravan Computer specs: Windows 8.1 Nvidia geforce gtx 880m I7-4800 mq 3.7ghz 16 gb ram
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