Allow Companion Emissaries to solve city/village issues based on their perks

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I like the new emissary mechanic but think that it could be expanded to make it a more important mechanic. An emissary left in a city should have a chance to complete notable quests depending on their skills and whether they are a hired companion or a family member.

Hired Companions should be able to complete quests/resolve issues depending on their skill levels. There should be a minimum skill level in order for a companion to be able to be eligible to resolve issues, for instance, roguery should be 25 in order to attempt to resolve a criminal notable's issue. Any skill levels over 25 would increase the probability of success and resolution of the issue would result in XP gained and relation gained/lost. A higher charm would reduce the likelihood of relation loss if the quest is failed or conflicts with another notable (artisan sales and rival gangs).

Family members would be able to do everything a hired companion can do above up to Clan Level 3 or 4. At this level, they will only resolve noble issues.

An even greater expansion of this system would involve companions who attempt criminal quests receiving a criminal rating based on their success or roguery level. If their criminal rating becomes high enough, the companion would be either arrested upon entry into the city or would be able to enter the city but there would always be the chance that they could be arrested while your party waits. This would give the main character more opportunities to perform prison breaks. If the main character has any level of criminal rating, they could also be arrested when their companion is arrested as well which would prompt the main character to have to either bribe or fight their way out.
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