1. RonnyJonny

    EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    General Topics: Format: Admin Team: Pre banned Players: Captain sign up code: Player sign up code:
  2. Mount&Blade Latinoamérica

    Mount&Blade Latinoamérica Admin General Facebook / Server & Discord: -Patricio Andres Rain Flores (Pato) -Franco Nicolas Martinez (el_miniums)...
  3. Safety_Tree

    Best use of Skirmishing Units?

    Hey, so I’ve been getting more and more into skirmishers/hybrid infantry in captain mode, but the outcome seems hit or miss (pun intended), especially with Sturgian Brigands. Are there any tips you would like to share in using them effectively? All answers related to “they’re trash don’t ever...
  4. Bullero

    Resolved Freezing in Multiplayer

    Summary: Hello! Since 1.6.0 update, I had some minor freeze issues in Multiplayer, especially when reaching the armory, sometimes game become completely freezed and I needed to kill Bannerlord via task manager. But after latest 1.6.2 update this freezes become very random and unbearable...
  5. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Improvements that multiplayer needs

    Hello. 1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter. Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team. The pause can...
  6. MP Other General Lord - New asynchronous multiplayer mod

    Hello everyone! I'm an university student that is creating a semi-multiplayer mod in Bannerlord where you get to create and develop your army as you fight battles against armies created by other players to see who has the best army. General Lords is a semi-multiplayer experience where you get...
  7. Noobfest

    How to make Bannerlord MP relevant again with one easy trick

    TaleWorlds has the power to bring a massive, stable playerbase to the game and more specifically MP with a single, simple step! RELEASE THE DEDICATED SERVERS Stop trying to force players to enjoy an obviously broken system and give them the infinite options that dedicated servers offer :)
  8. Johannator

    MP [FK] Full Invasion EU Server

    The Freikorps Gaming Community is proud to present our dedicated FI2 EU server! We aim to establish a fun and active FI2 server moderated by the [FK] Community. You are welcome to join our *Discord* at any time, either for casual play, or for our weekly Thursday public events where we will have...
  9. Danny5


    I think siege should have specific flags unlocked to be capturable, instead of having all the flags opened to be captured. This would get rid of trolls or pretty much balancing, as everyone are focusing on the first few flags, and a few attackers would sneak around and capture the back flags. I...
  10. Mister E Nigma

    Multiplayer poll/discussion for troop trees

    This would bring more variety and depth to the multiplayer aspect of the game and I think it would help to keep gamers wanting to return to the mp. As well as bring gamers that might not really care for the campaign but would buy and play the game for the competitiveness and tournaments.
  11. Xanno

    W+W for cav. Bumps and damage from horses with 0 speed, and slooooow inf spears

    How to make game balanced 1)Just delete this insta W+W for cav that gives them +10000 speed in 0,0001 sec 2) Decrease time that you lying on the ground after cav bumps - feels like my characker is summo guy 150 kg (or make that time less for light armored classes) 3)Make armored classes more...
  12. Quick fix for MP

    Have the map rotation start with a different map each time the server goes up, at least this way we can play different maps after a crash until it gets fixed. I've gotten used to crashes by now but at least it can be interesting to see a different map when we go back into a siege game.
  13. Please update your clients to the latest hotfix

    Multiplayer'a girdiğimde "Please update your clients to the latest hotfix" uyarısı ve ne yapmam gerekiyor? Son güncellemeyi de indirdim Hotfix (e1.5.9 - 09/04/21).
  14. You are Muted

    Neden yani?
  15. ParzivaI

    In Progress You have been kicked by Anti-cheat Reason : Query Timeout

    Every single game I play I get kicked by the Anti-cheat, this happens to everyone playing the game, please fix this
  16. sj_dj01

    Resolved Unable to access multiplayer

    Summary: I am unable to log into multiplayer. I go through the loading screen but right before logging into the places where I can choose a game, check my clan or see the different troops types, it shows the message “Log in Failed”. Before it completely wouldn't let me in, it would not let me...
  17. ParzivaI

    3 server crashes in a row (captain)

    Me and my 4 friends have been on a party since 11:00 we have been trying to play captain... we got into 3 games they all crashed on the final round when the game was about to end... why is this happening?
  18. eSports Events

    Is there any current eSports Events or coming in the near future for Bannerlord?
  19. 你工人爷爷☭

    about east asian server

    I’m glad to hear that a new server had been set in Western NorthAmerica , but actually many players from China, Japan and Korea could hardly play the multiple games without a VPN because the server is set in Singapore and the PING is too high XD!! So could it be possible to set a closer server...
  20. ParzivaI

    Resolved Game crash on this multiplayer map

    I have been crashing alot on the multiplayer map (Isle of deriad) must have Crashed 3-4 times this week (it doesn't crash always.. in 10 games i must crash 1 time), but everytime this happens even if I remove the game on the task manager i can still hear the ingame sounds (thunder and rain) but...
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