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mount & blade ii: bannerlord

  1. William Vangeance

    Zwarte Koninkrijk

  2. Darkest Anubis

    Funny screenshots

    I often find myself cracked up at some of the funniest expressions on the NPCs from time to time. Here are some of my favorites: Soldier from TF2 Has Joined the Southern Empire The Stiff Upper lip Winifred Sanderson The three stooges Hungry Eyes After a fight with the Khurgits That guy...
  3. oynanış sorunu (gameplay problem)

    yardım eder misiniz ben Mount And Blade 2 bannerlord aldım oyunu indirdim oynuyorum ama mesela arkadaşlarım uzun bir silahta tek vuruşta 3-5 düşman alabiliyorlar ama ben uzun bir çiftelli silahla tek vuruşta tek adam alabiliyorum yardım eder yani bannerlord içinde savaş bandı oynuyomuş gibi...
  4. Zwarte Koninkrijk

    Zwarte Koninkrijk

    We are the Zwarte clan, formerly known as the `` Zwarte Koninkrijk '', in the EU / TR. Our goal is to have fun with a friendly atmosphere and a fine environment. Instead of a formal team, we were established to enjoy with our regular and harmonious team. ~𝒲𝑒 𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝓇𝑒𝒷𝑜𝓇𝓃 𝒻𝓇𝑜𝓂 𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝓅𝒶𝓈𝓉 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒...
  5. Armor rating feedback

    I dont know if this is the place to post this. I have noticed that many helmets in the game, for example the northern helmet, which almost completely exposes the jaw and the cheeks, has 31 armor rating while the segmented skullcab over mail coif, which cover the ears, the jaw and the cheeks...
  6. pockeDed

    18-ть модов, которые на 100% вас заинтересуют. [Рекомендовано к просмотру]

    Очень интересная подборка :xf-wink:
  7. Resolved [Beta 1.4.0] Horse Duplication Exploit

    Hello, Note: I would post a video and screenshots, however since this is a new account i have a 24 hour restriction. After starting a new campaign in M&T Bannerlord (e1.4.0), I participated in a few tournaments one of which had a horse as the main prize to win ("Battanian Thoroughbred")...
  8. pockeDed

    Как заработать или нафармить деньги и репутацию ? ЛЕГКО !

    Ффаарм репутации и динаров ! + лайфак :xf-wink:

    Merhaba oyuna devam et dediğim anda oyunum kapanıyor bu soruna bir çözüm bulun lütfen! Giremiyorum single oynayamıyorum. Bu sorunu yeni sefer başlatarak çözmek istedim fakat oyuna başladığım da oyun içerisinde farklı kaydede bastım ve aynı hatayı verdi severek oynadığım oyun ve şuanda...
  10. ¿Puedo usar mods jugando a traves de geforce now?

    Me gustaria saber si se podrian usar mods mediante geforce now. Graciaas
  11. Cohesion

    How do I get it, how do I stop my army from following me around when I do quests or recruit troops...when they follow me my cohesion goes down.
  12. Edarin

    Savaştaki Sancaklar

    Oyunun gameplay videolarından izlediğim kadarıyla meydan muharebelerinde vs. askerlerin elinde sancaklar oluyordu ve bu da oyuna çok iyi bir hava katıyordu. Bannerlord'u otuz saatten fazla oynamama rağmen hala sancaklı bir muharebe göremedim. Ne yapmam gerekiyor ya da neden yok? Kaldırıldı mı?
  13. Seige

    Ever time I seige I get 150+ defenders. I only have 103, only a couple years to finish mai. Quest and I can’t seige a castle. Any advice please? Also can’t get more members in my group that I’m aware of without perks unless there is another way
  14. Ok seriously

    The first time I had to start over after having half a mil of gold and a nice 79 man army cuz the main quest expired. Now. I powered thru main quest and almost 200 renown today and I still am almost at the time where the main quest expires. Wtf is this how the game is or is it a bug?
  15. How to open encyclopedia.

    I couldn't find the shortcut.
  16. Campaign speed?

    what are all the ways to increase speed across campaign map? Also, what is “simulations” in perk trees. Is that just regular pve ?
  17. Need More Info [Reproduced in V1.0.9] Crafting weapons bug, same design duplicates stats

    If you craft a weapon using a previously used design the stats of that weapon will revert back to whatever the stats were when you first crafted that design, IE a legendary sword crafted at smith level 200 with have the same stats of the sword you crafted at smith level 25 if you used the same...
  18. Learn from my mistake

    I guess I’m a mount and blade noob but I tend to “wait” a lot while afk and it turns out 1000 days later so close to getting tier 3 clan and making my own kingdom and the main quest fails and goes to old quests. I tried just joining a faction and game crashes every time I try to hand over...
  19. Need More Info Trade rumours false?

    For an example, if I purchase oil for 50 denars from a town and the rumour says I can resell the oil for 60 at another town I naturally think I will go profit. This used to be the case just until the resent 1.06 patch (I think it came after the patch since it worked on 1.05). I've tried trading...
  20. how many caravans/shops can i have?

    currently clan tier 2 and was wondering how many i am aloud to have? i have 2 caravans and 2 workshops atm and when i talk to owners it doesnt give me the option. if i am at max how do i get more? thanks.
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