1. TheWesterlander

    Echerion the Tyrant Slayer

    When you ask Encurion about his lineage he mentions his ancestor Echerion the Tyrant Slayer. I searched up his name everywhere but I found no information. I love reading lore but TaleWorlds betrayed us by not giving us a lore that we can discuss and talk about. This great game needs a great...
  2. Heroes die in Simulated Battles?

    As the post asks, are you or your siblings/companions and enemies able to die during simulated battles or will it always turn out wounded?
  3. Why didn't the son (heir) become king?

    So I executed the main leader, the king, of the battanians expecting that his child would become next in line. Can anyone tell me why he didn't and it was someone who was not related to him at all? And can that happen with my own kingdom too?
  4. HalfMetalJacket

    SP Native More Troops Mod

    I originally posted this a while ago, but I had that thread deleted because of how lazy it was. Hopefully I can offer something a little nicer here. This was originally supposed to be a personal project based on how I like my Bannerlord troops, but seeing as quite a few people seem to...
  5. Bleyck

    SP Native Iron Will - Kleptomania

    Iron Will - Kleptomania Being a criminal in Bannerlord is now more viable and flavorfull, with the mod Kleptomania's ability to steal trading goods and food from towns and villages. Although the interactions are limited to in-game menus, the goal is to create a Stealing mechanic with a...
  6. Bleyck

    SP Native Iron Will - Wound Experience

    Iron Will - Wound Experience With inspirations from Kenshi, this true "survival of the fittest" experience makes your troop battle hardened by just the simple fact of not dying after a possible fatal blow. This decreases the grind for upgrading low tier troops and actually rewards the player...
  7. Rayge

    B Dark Ages Valkyrja - Tier6 Infantry and Sturgia Troop Rework

    https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/895 I didn't think it made sense that their wasn't any T6 Infantry in the game, so I decided to add it. I thought that with so many female warriors among the nobility of Sturgia surely there should be more among the commoners. I...
  8. SP Native Bear my Banner

    This mod enables troops to bear the banner of their lord, with lore friendly and hand picked changes to the troop tree. Also, the Dragon Banner and the Campaign Banner are available at the shops to equip yourself or your companions. Released at NexusMods Read more about the mod and it's...
  9. SP Native Alternative Renown Gains

    Features Adds an option to tell war stories to villagers for a small amount of renown and charm XP gain. Adds an option to buy a round of drinks to people in tavern for a bigger renown and charm XP gain. You have to win notable battles to gain war stories to tell people. Sometimes you impress...