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Iron Will - Kleptomania


Being a criminal in Bannerlord is now more viable and flavorfull, with the mod Kleptomania's ability to steal trading goods and food from towns and villages. Although the interactions are limited to in-game menus, the goal is to create a Stealing mechanic with a feeling of risk vs reward similar from games like Skyrim, Kenshi, Fallout, Thief, and even Tabletop RPG.

After a simple Roguery skill check, you might be able to get an dynamic ammount of loot and leave without been seen by anyone. But BEWARE, if you get caught there will be consequences.

Keep in mind Stealing is different from the Native's Hostile Action "Force Peasants to give you supplies". The most important differences is that you dont have to fight the militia, chance to not get detected at all, can loot from towns, variable ammount of loot (sometimes more, sometimes less), amongst other things.

For now, only the player can interact with the steal menus.

This mod is compatible with the amazing Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) by Aragasas. This is a SOFT dependency and thus entirely optional but highly recommended.


Download and Links
  • 3 new menus for stealing from Villages and Towns, which allows player to steal trading goods, food or animal.
  • Scalable Roguery XP on steal attempt, independent of the outcome. Current: 20 * learningRateBonus.
  • Can steal without being detected (Skill Check with modifiers)
  • If detected, decreases relationship with the settlement owner and settlement notable
  • If detected, applies criminal rating with faction.
  • If detected, player is confronted by civilian. The player can either bribe, persuade, call friendly gang leader support or give back.
  • Dynammic minimun received ammount of goods (Skill Check with modifiers)
  • Max ammount of availiable goods scales with settlement prosperity / hearth.
  • Optional in-game configurable values with Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). This is a soft dependency.
  • Configurable Experience value for Heroes and Generic Troops at "xxWoundXPSettings.xml". (note: MCM configuration takes priority and overrides this file)
  • NLogger for debugging reasons at "KleptomaniaLog.txt".


There are some conditions that can change the outcome of a steal attempt. To have the best outcome, you have to try to get as much bonuses and as little penalties as you can.

Detection Chance (75% by default. Less = Good):
  • Bonuses:
    • Roguery Skill (max bonus is 50%)= -(SkillLevel / 5)%
    • Night time = -10%
  • Penalties:
    • High Crime Rating = +20%
    • Recent steal attempt at same faction (Decays by -5% every day) = +(NumberOfAttempts * 10)%

Minimun ammount of Goods (30% by default. More = Good):
  • Bonuses:
    • Roguery Skill (max bonus is 30%) = +(SkillLevel / 10)%




Results and Consequences
Remember: there is always a risk. Once the Modifiers have been calculated and you have waited long enough to find a steal opportunity at the settlement, two Random numbers from 1 to 100 will be created. Think about this like two d100, dices with 100 faces being thrown. These values will be used to calcule your steal result.

For the detection check, if the value are smaller than your "probability of detection" modifier you get detected while stealling. If you get detected, you will receive some consequences like:
  • Criminal rating with faction (25 for towns and 20 for villages by default)​
  • Decreases relationship with settlement notables (-15 by default, 2x if the player is from the same faction)​
  • Decreases relationship with settlement owner (-15 by default, 2x if the player is from the same faction)​
  • Only if from the same Faction, decreases relationship with Faction leader ( -15 x 2 by default)​

*For the ammount of goods check*, each settlement has a "storage with goods inside", which has a dynamic number of goods based on the settlement health/prosperity. The random "dice" number will never go below "Minimun ammount of Goods" and will be a porcentage of the items inside the storage. No matter the outcome, this will take place on on loot:
  • Penalty of +10% detection chance for each consecutive steal atempt for the same Faction. Consecutive steal atempt decays by -5% every day.​
  • Decreases settlement prosperity / hearth.​
  • Subtract items from the settlement item pool. (Be careful to not steal from settlement without any items, or you might get nothing.)​
  • Roguery XP thats scales with Learning Rate. Current: 20 * learningRateBonus.​


  • Pickpocketing
  • Stealing from rich traders house
  • Bonus to detection and minimun goods from the party's best Bandit troops.
  • Stolen good fencing (aka not being able to sell to settlement it was stolen from)
Custom Configurations
Downloading Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) by Aragasas is highly recommended for best quality of life by changing mod settings in game. This is a SOFT dependency and thus entirely optional by the player. MCM settings takes priority before the XML settings file. So if the player haves MCM, the code will load stored info from MCM and then override XML file on startup every time.


However, if you choose to not install Mod Configuration Menu for some reason / imcompatibility, you can change the desired values of "xxKleptomaniaSettings.xml ". In this case during startup, the settings loads from the XML at "\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\xxKleptomania\xxKleptomaniaSettings.xml".

Currently tested and working with e.1.5.2.

If you have any issue, please adress it at the Bugs tab in the Nexus mod page.


Kenshi, one of the major creative influences for this mod series.


But what is the "Iron Will" project?
Iron Will is a collection of mods for the game Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord that adds many utilities to aid the player and his party to survive even in the harshest, rock botton environments. The main objetive is add immersive actions to balance the game difficulty curve without decreasing the challenge. This modpack might be useful with any mods that makes the game harder and more punishing.

Check out the Iron Will GitHub if you want to do any contribution, see how something is coded or to look how I do my workflow.

Current Mod List:
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Finally, with a much of struggle... HORSE CRASHES are now FIXED on the new v1.1.0 update! You are now also rewarded with Roguery XP no matter the Steal outcome!

Compatible with e.1.4.2 version. Seems to be rarelly crashing on e1.4.3 in some cases.


  • Fixed a crash because of horses in a settlement (Reported by NexusMod user aerosmei1).
  • Fixed a crash when settlement doesnt have anymore supplies.
  • Player can now steal any kind of animal (horse, pig cattle, etc.)
  • Added Scalable Roguery XP on steal attempt, independent of the outcome. Current: 20 * learningRateBonus.
  • Adds 10% detection chance penalty for each consecutive steal atempt for Faction.
  • Consecutive steal atempt decays by 5% every day.
  • Added Debug messages when DebugInfo is turned on in config.
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The new v1.1.1 update fixes a major crashes when being detected at towns while having high crime rating, fixes a bug of giving Athletics XP instead of Roguery XP and rebalances the crime rating on detection from 35 -> 25 for towns and 30 -> 20 for villages.

The v1.1.1 is e1.4.3 compatible!

  • Fixed a major crash when that happens when you reach severe crime rating while inside a town
  • Fixed a bug that gives the player Athletics XP on steal attempt instead of the expected Roguery XP
  • Decreased default TownStealCrimeRating from 35 to 25. Makes stealling more viable.
  • Decreased default VillageStealCrimeRating from 30 to 20. Makes stealling more viable.
  • TownStealCrimeRating and VillageStealCrimeRating cant go above 60 (fixes crash)
  • Substantial code refactor and more try catches, to understand any future exceptions
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The BIGGEST update so far for Iron Will - Kleptomania is here! v1.2.0 adds compatibility with Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), bug fixes, major code refactor and adds a brand new "encounter" menu, bringing you to confront a civilian if detected. The player can either bribe, persuade, call friendly gang leader support or give back the goods.

This update is e1.5.2 compatible!

For this update ITS IMPORTANT that you DELETE old mod files before installing to avoid any undesired conflicts!
If you have any issue, please adress it at the Bugs tab in the Nexus mod page.


  • MAJOR code refator to prevent future bugs and crashes
  • Added soft mod compatibility with Mod Configuration Menu v3(MCM)
  • If the player haves MCM, the code will now load stored info from MCM and then override XML file on startup .
  • If the player doesnt have MCM, the code will deserialize the settings from the XML like usual on startup.
  • Fixed a bug that made Consecutive Steal Penalty not affect detection chance modifiers
  • Fixed a bug that gave relationship penalty to Settlement's Gang Leaders Notables on detection. This was not supposed to happen.
  • Removed TownStealCrimeRating and VillageStealCrimeRating max of 60
  • Removed unecessary penalty for high crime rating
  • No penalty to prosperity / hearth if there is no steal quantity
  • Added encounter game menu when detected. The player can either bribe, persuade, call friendly gang leader support or give back.
  • Persuade and Bribe values are configurable (XML file or MCM)


Kenshi is love. Kenshi is life.
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The hotfix v1.2.1 is out! It fixes some bugs like not saving "Recently stolen from fation" penalty and fixes some wrong values for Roguery XP awarded on steal attempt. Also if XP notifications bother you or you want a custom XP value, you can now turn it of in either Mod Configuration Menu or XML settings file. Dont forget that your custom XP value scales with the skill learning rate!

This update is e1.5.3 compatible!

Deleting old mod files before installing is recommended.


One of the consequences of stealling, unless you dont get caught...


  • Recent Faction Steal Attempt Penalty is now stored in the current save file as it's supposed to
  • Fixed a bug that showed the wrong value of earned Roguery XP by not taking accounts the calculations with Learning Rate
  • Fixed a bug that made earned Roguery XP scale by Athletics Learning Rate instead of Roguery Learning Rate
  • User can configure to not show received roguery XP from steal attempts on the console (on MCM or XML settings)
  • User can configure its own value roguery XP from steal attempts. Always scales with learning rate. (on MCM or XML settings)
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