1. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Settlers are welcome in our village

    Type of quest: small and linear (no alternative endings) quest for early-mid game Why to implement: it helps to rebuild prosperity of looted villages and gives quest variety. I would like to do a quest like that for my own village to help it grow faster and provide more denars for my main party...
  2. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Winter garments needed (Quest Chain)

    Type of quest: small and linear (no alternative endings) chain quest for early-mid game Why to implement: it gives some diversity and helps to immerse in the world (interaction with two village headmen, poachers, artisan, gang leader) A Village Headman (Character A) complains to the player that...
  3. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Curse on Lord's crops

    Hi, I have an idea for a new quest. Player can help to resolve an issue for one of the Lords. There are 11 different combinations, how to complete this quest. There are different rewards that depend on decisions made by the player. Best regards, Gojek
  4. Apocal

    Does anyone know what is supposed to affect Notable power?

    I just realized that purchasing a caravan from a town artisan or merchant gave them a modest (+4?) to their power. I thought it was restricted to quests but apparently not... Anyone know what makes their power go up? Or down, that helps too.Because I definitely want to do everything possible to...
  5. Randomly got 48 charm skill points during tutorial

    I started a new character just now and while going through the tutorial I got 48 charm skill points all at once for seemingly no reason. I has just entered Tevea for the first time and at the end of the conversation with the headman I got the points. This happened the other day too, although it...
  6. Headman relations/rudeness

    I have very low relations with the Headmen in a village I own, due to the quest "Landlord needs access to commons" from a separate village. I am now stuck in a situation where it's impossible to improve relations with him as he doesn't trust me. There is also a lack of realism in the way he...
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