[QUEST IDEA] Winter garments needed (Quest Chain)

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Type of quest: small and linear (no alternative endings) chain quest for early-mid game
Why to implement: it gives some diversity and helps to immerse in the world (interaction with two village headmen, poachers, artisan, gang leader)

A Village Headman (Character A) complains to the player that their village has suffered from many hardships lately: decreasing food stocks, looters roaming the countryside and they are not prepared for the next winter (Aserai villages not prepared for the coming colder season).

The player asks what they can do about it.

Village Headman answers that they have saved out some money for proper fur garments, but these fraudulent merchant scums from town want to earn at the expense of the poor village folk. Instead he has a trading tip where to buy furs cheap below market average price. He recommends that the player speak with the Village Headman of fur producing village (Character B) and later that he visits one of the tanneries to craft fur garments. The player will need to buy 20 furs.

The player travels to this fur producing village and meets with a Village Headman (Character B). The Headman informs the player that their hunters had lately difficulties to hunt an adequate number of game animals. The village is barely able to provide their lord with agreed fur quote. They have nothing for sale.

The player asks what is the reason for the decreased number of game animals. The Village Headman (Character B) informs that the reason are poachers who roam the forests.

The player asks what they can do about it

The Village Headman (Character B) asks if the player could free the village from these poachers. As they will spot any bigger party and run, the player needs to wait until dark and select only 20 of their men to fight 30-40 poachers. The battle is outside the village in a non-village map (a forest battlefield at night).

After defeating poachers the Village Headman (Character B) offers to provide the mentioned 20 furs to the player for free as some furs have been found with poachers. Relation with Character B gets increased as well. The Headman also recommends a tanner he knows that is an honest Artisan (Character C).

The player travels to meet the Artisan (Character C). While speaking to the Artisan (Character C) the player learns that they have a lot of orders. The Artisan has not enough skilled workforce to craft fur garments right now. The only solution for the player is to speak to one of the Gang Leaders (Character D) for help.

The player can speak to one of Gang Leaders in this town to try to persuade them to help find skill laborers for the Artisan (Character C). Persuasion check begins. Success means that the Gang Leader will help for half a price (e.g. 1000 denars instead of 2000 denars). Gang Leader informs the player to speak with the Artisan. The Artisan confirms that some strange looking fellow came recently with workers and they started their work. Production will take 3 days.

After 3 days the player arrives at the tannery and can pick up fur garments and deliver them to the Village Headman (Character A).

Village Headman (Character A) is happy to see the player and fur garments. He pays for them e.g. 4000-5000 denars. The prize should not be too big as these are poor villagers. Instead this quest allows to increase relation with two village headmen, artisan and gang leader. It would be cool to get some fair amount of exp for finishing each step of the quest :smile:


Nice detailed quest suggestion!

I don't like the 3 day waiting. Nor the potential long travel to a fur-producing village :smile:
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