Headman relations/rudeness

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I have very low relations with the Headmen in a village I own, due to the quest "Landlord needs access to commons" from a separate village.
I am now stuck in a situation where it's impossible to improve relations with him as he doesn't trust me.

There is also a lack of realism in the way he talks to my character (his King).
I am greeted with "I don't know what we have to say to each other" for example.
Historically, if a lowly subject spoke to their king in such a rude way they would be severely punished.


There's an easy work around. Take the "landlord needs access to commons" mission or "family feud" mission from the other village, then side with the village that hates you when actually completing the quest. Instead of rising relations with the village that gave you the quest, it'll raise relations with the target village.
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