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  1. NIN3

    Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    Hello everyone! We prepared this thread alongside the 2 patch logs (one shortened and a full version), to give a little bit more insight on the changes and their intended impact. With todays patch (actually a "hotfix") we have introduced a lot of new weapons, hundreds of item and perk changes...
  2. What am I doing wrong ?

    Is there a game designer who worked on this game ? I spend my time getting caught and dying by higher level armies, if I negotiate not to be attacked and flee I get caught again immediately by the same people I just negotiated against and want to attack me again even though I just gave them all...
  3. Xratter

    Companions are not clansmen in this system

    The best use for companions at the moment are as caravan leaders. I have not "beaten" the game, but in my most recent playthrough I'm over 400 days in and have 6 caravans going. They're making me anywhere from 2000 gold (**** day) to 5000 gold (awesome day) a day. I have 2 cities, and have 5...
  4. Making the game rhythm better by Clan system.

    My English is poor, then I will try my best to express my thoughts clearly. In the process of playing BannerLord, players can experience the process of gradually growing from an ordinary person to a powerful Lord or king with many fiefs. Therefore, I suggest to present this process more epic...
  5. bthmod

    Bannerlord Core Game Loop

    I'm not sure that but i did something.
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