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  1. Resolved Unlocking forging parts (two handed maces)

    Hi, new player here I have always really liked the idea of two-handed maces. Now I'm trying to unlock the parts that will make me able to forge my own two handed maces. For what I have read googling similar issues, parts unlocked at the forge should be obtained with a lot of RNG, but I don't...
  2. Thrangor88

    Suggestion for improvement of the forge

    Hello, players and moderators. Would it be possible to add a failure rate on melts of weapons and refining materials? I think it can balance the abuse of the Forge if your 15,000 denar weapon melts, but gives nothing, no materials. What do you think?
  3. Issue with Forging ID

    Ok, so I took a long time and eventually got both Master and Legendary Smith. Obviously, the economy is a breeze when you can forge weapons worth 100k+ denars, so I gather up a lot of materials to make a magnum opus. So I make the weapon I want, which of course has a certain configuration. Then...
  4. Need More Info Forge items naming issue

    Good day, I encounter below BUG during Single play mode, this BUG making picking up the best weapon among your craft impossible though Smithy. Imagine below scene: You are using Smithy, trying to craft a large volume of maces and picking up the best one. You are using the same forging...
  5. zMasterofPie

    Give smith NPCS more uses e.g. make and repair weapons & armour

    So I'm talking about the notables that own smithies. You should be able to talk to them and have them/their workers create a custom weapon or an existing armour for the player. This is so that players do not have to hunt a specific armour piece, or spend 8 years trying to unlock all the...
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