1. Roger dey Talbot

    [e1.5.0] Crouch Lancing Dose no Damage

    Summary: I noticed in my e1.5.0 game that my crouch lance does no damage to fleeing mobs. When I hit an enemy in the back it bounces off like I hit a tree. How to Reproduce: Start a new game on e1.5.0. Get a Vlandia Lance. Try to crouch lance fleeing enemies on the right side of the horse. No...
  2. Ingolifs

    Armour. Why it doesn't work and how to make it work

    Why Armour doesn't work So I was inspired to make this post by two things. First, this video: And second: After being hit by a stone while wearing high quality armour Basically, armour seems to have bugger all effect in the game, and I went and investigated why. Behind the spoiler is the...
  3. Holy Shift

    Basher Perk Doesnt Match Deflect Perk with Formation Bonus

    Their personal effects are equal. But formation bonus of Deflect gives %2 attack speed and %4 damage approximately (with my weak calculation) to one handed weapons in all stuations. Basher formation bonus gives -%4 malee damage taken only in shield wall which is currently next to useless and...
  4. hsngrms

    SP Native Less Damage - Reduced Damage Taken and Output

    Less Damage mod reduces the damage taken for everyone. Including all humans (player, wanderer, lord, troop, bandit etc.) Why you should use this mod? * If your level is high enough you can one shot enemies with most weapons, this mod brings balance to that. * Enjoying longer, more realistic and...
  5. MightyMidgit

    [Beta e1.4.0] Projectiles now dealing ridiculous damage.

    Summary: Damage calculations for projectiles in the game has changed, making them deal ridiculous damage. Note that my throwing skill in the image below is 23 and that the javelins are only tier 2. Also with good armor I was dealt 83 damage by a javelin in the arm while backpedaling. This damage...
  6. Mardochaios

    Weapons System and Physics

    Anyone around here got any idea how the damage calculation is done in Bannerlord? There aren't many resources out there in reference to the weapons system and I saw some things about weight/weight location and physics playing a larger part in combat, but I can't say for sure. The weapons...
  7. GG Cannon

    Weapons hit boxes shouldn't exist only when you attack.

    This is a feedback for both single and multiplayer modes. Just as the title implies, weapons hit boxes, specially lances shouldn't exist only when you attack. This might be an exaggeration for swords and axes, as leaving their hit boxes always on at all times might cause infantry troops to kill...
  8. Ackdam

    Weather Effects Expanded

    Credit for the initial idea goes to Wolf25 from his suggestion that can be found HERE. Note: This got a lot longer, and more detailed than I had originally intended. It also spawned a post on Wolf25's fire arrows suggestion (post can be found HERE via the link in the 'rain' section) and a...
  9. Holy Shift

    Hit Shield on Back

    Text not existing but my question is why it doesnt absorb all the damage?
  10. spacecaose

    Throwing weapon (Javs)

    I feel like jav's need a damage nurf, its getting annoying how much damage they do, considering a lot of troops use them (Esp tier 2 units on horse back). I got hit in the leg while i'm wearing full top tier gear yet i'm taking 75% of my hp. Then come's the point that one bloody stray jav from...
  11. Does the design of armor affect damage taken? Or only the armor rating?

    Do you guys know if only the armor value matters or if damage is also changed by where on the armor they are hit? for example, if a body armor is sleeveless, will hitting the arms be like no armor? and if a helmet has cloth around the neck, is the neck reduced armor vs a helmet with chainmail on...
  12. Pedanticus

    How is damage calculated based on damage type and armor values?

    There were a couple of simple formulas in Warband that made it very easy to understand how damage was calculated: https://www.reddit.com/r/mountandblade/comments/4pal3n/_/d4jv796 Is there anything similar for Bannerlord? I'm planning a full overhaul of weapons and armor to make their damage and...
  13. Ryutsuma Rekushi

    Crossbow bolts are all identical and does 0 blunt damage

    Summary: Where ever I look all the bolts for the crossbow does 0 blunt damage and are exactly identical except for appearance. This in turn also makes your crossbow deal blunt damage instead of piercing. How to Reproduce: It's always been like this for me, even when creating a new game...
  14. Damage counter over Gold on scoreboard

    I am loving the multiplayer a lot, but I really think damage given should be shown on the scoreboard instead of something like how much gold you have. The gold really does not matter to anyone. However, damage given matters immensely in multiplayer games. You can put a bunch of arrows on a ton...
  15. Polearm

    Why does Bannerlord polearm not deal damage when it hits an enemy? In warband it worked like that and you didn't have to click. In my opinion it was much nicer and more real and I would love to see it in bannerlord. What u think about it?
  16. Telemachos

    Unsolved Throwing Axes Tool Tip Damage Type "Invalid"

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Hover mouse over throwing axes Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): See below Version: 1.06 Computer Specs: OS: Win 10
  17. Arrow damage vs siege weapons

    Hello Could you please reduce or null the archers/crossbowman damage against siege weapons? Specially RAM and Towers. If you manage to avoid getting owned by the defense siege weapons it is quite fustrating to loose your siege equiptment to simple arrows. Thanks
  18. How does weapon XP work?

    E.g. do you get more XP for higher difficulty hit with a bow? (ie further away, faster moving?). Does damage done have any effect on the amount of XP gained? ie is a hit a hit, or does doing 200 damage give you more than 10? Is there a headshot XP multiplier etc? Does enemy level have any effect?
  19. Taking damage when fall into ground from horseback.

    I think it have to be at least little amount of damage when people fell into ground from horseback. I think will be more realistic with this dynamic. The damage can be depend upon velocity of horse. If we consider horse is pretty fast and falling into ground with that velocity must be hurt for...
  20. [Solved] Fine Steel Menavilon 10x cut damage?

    EDIT: Thanks to the helpful users below, I didn't realize that on the stats of a weapon there's clickable buttons to see different stats for different modes. Still though, 181 cut damage seems like a lot. Hello! I've been noticing that when used my spear/lance (a " Fine Steel Menavilon " )...