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custom servers

  1. ChristopherR

    Servers are unstable

    Dear TaleWorlds, I regret to be the one to inform you that your servers are, how do I put this politely, dog water. They are about as functional as a comb with no bristles. The servers crash constantly, you should consider, and I know this is an outlandish idea that you may gasp at, but I...
  2. DennyWiseau

    What kind of player does TW want MP to actually appeal to?

    Tbh I always find myself kinda confused and underwhelmed when joining MP In Bannerlord, it is almost always a cluster**** and quickly becomes boring and repetetive. I remember playing it initially with a friend at alpha launch and having fun with it for a while before it got boring. Now over a...
  3. Fixer

    Resolved Lobby Custom server list servername too long

    Summary: Sometimes the servername is too long in the lobby's custom server list option How to Reproduce: check the max servername length, create a server with a name like on the top row of the attachment Media (Screenshots & Video):
  4. DennyWiseau


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