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  1. Joe Friday

    In Progress Login Failed Could not connect to server

    Its servers issue. Happenign from time to time nobody really knows why :grin:
    Ah, ok. Hopefully it's nothing to do on my end. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Joe Friday

    In Progress Login Failed Could not connect to server

    Summary:I started receiving this error this evening. It is the first time I have had this error. I play through STEAM. Maybe the PC servers are down or maybe it is an issue with my computer. Please help. Thanks. How to Reproduce: When I attempt to login to play on multiplayer. Scene Name...
  3. Joe Friday

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    You can literally win any field battle with just KGs. Even 100 vs 1000.
    What formation and order do you give them if fighting such a huge army? Loose and charge? Do you turn their ranged off so they're forced to melee or do you let them skirmish at will until they are out of arrows?
  4. Joe Friday

    All dark skinned persons have been wiped from the game after around 100 years.

    Ethnic cleansing is hard coded into the game. Everyone knows this.
  5. Joe Friday

    Resolved Companion Reset of Perks/Focus Points/Attributes

    Weird. Thanks for the replies. I was super confused. I guess I get to spec him out how I see fit ?
  6. Joe Friday

    Resolved Companion Reset of Perks/Focus Points/Attributes

    I just hired another companion to my party and I noticed his perks, attributes and focus points need allocating. I did not notice it being this way when I first hired him although he has not been in my party long. Is this a new feature or a weird glitch? Maybe I accidentally implemented a...
  7. Joe Friday

    Resolved Siege towers and ladders - broken AI

    Why don't they all just chop on the main gate? It will take a long time but it could work.
  8. Joe Friday

    what's the point of the Dragon Banner?

    What I didn't like was the fact I was not allowed to give it to myself once I took over Bastard Derthert's kingdom.
  9. Joe Friday

    what's the point of the Dragon Banner?

    @Bluko88 Don't feel bad. I started the quest, became High King of Vlandia after that bastard Derthert died and reached a stalemate once I conquered 1/3 of Calradia. It wasn't until my armies reached around 45k-50k strong that I am now able to start pushing my foes into the ocean.
  10. Joe Friday

    Enemy siege engines targeting parts of their own wall

    Well I am set to quartermaster bit it had a faded avatar of myself in the engineer slot too. I think I gained some engineer skill as well but do could be wrong.
  11. Joe Friday

    Enemy siege engines targeting parts of their own wall

    Weird. After my BJ Penn doppelganger engineer died my main character built our catapults. During the siege stage the catapults were firing into random directions on the campaign map. I assume it was because my engineer skill was 3. Now during the actual battle my soldiers took over and fired them like normal.
  12. Joe Friday

    No more holstered polearms, please

    Also The Deluge did that, and Last Days of the Third Age had the forearm position for shields
    Deluge. i was racking my brain a couple of months ago trying to find the name if that game and I couldn't find it anywhere even when I looked under the DLC content for M&B. I was thinking of this same exact topic as the OP mentioned. I guess I just imagine they are using some type of magical rifle sling to glue the axes and polearns to their backs.
  13. Joe Friday

    Tribute system is pretty stupid

    Is there a way to literally capture everyome? If not, could you execute everyone and basically win or will enemy lords just respawn to take the place of the executed prisoners?
  14. Joe Friday

    Can't manage army during siege

    Good. I asked @Ananda_The_Destroyer about this on reddit yesterday. I knew I hadn't gone crazy!
  15. Joe Friday

    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    I see several mods that keep popping up on this thread but namely the RBM. What is it that makes that mod a must have? How much or a difference does it truly make? I'm also seeing that Diplomacy is a mod that many others are calling for.
  16. Joe Friday

    Complete List of Income vs Expenses

    Not really, but if you go to clan page and look at parties you can look at parties, garrisons, individually and look at fiefs list too. I don't think it's good though.
    Ah yes. Thank you for the reply. Those are good tips. Maybe they'll make it a bit easier to see in the future.
  17. Joe Friday

    Complete List of Income vs Expenses

    I'll make this quick. Is there a better way to see a complete list of income vs expenses? The only way I know how to do it is by hovering the mouse cursor over the denar at the bottom of the screen. The problem is once you have a lot of fiefs, garrisons and parties there is not enough room on...
  18. Joe Friday

    Oathsworn vs Wildling?

    Yes. Oathsworns have a higher melee skill while wildlings have a higher throwing skill. Before 1.7 their equipment was almost identical. I think they removed the throwing weapons from oathsworns after the latest patch. Maybe to differentiate them a bit more.
    You can see all of the troops' skills under the encyclopedia. I don't know your answer regarding perks. I assume perks are only for the player and heroes.
  19. Joe Friday

    Oathsworn vs Wildling?

    Oathsworn spear braces, yep.

    It's a shame that Battania has two types of shield infantry, makes them too similar to Sturgia. And though 1.7 succeeded in differentiating the Wildling and Oathsworn from each other a bit, they are still very similar in function. I'd like to see either Wildling or Oathsworn become a dedicated pikeman.
    Before 1.7 I had a hard time telling much of a difference. I assume the main difference was where their skills lied. Osthsworn was more melee while wildling was more skirmish. Their loadouts were almost identical. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  20. Joe Friday

    Party Limit Keeps Changing/Troops Leaving Party

    So, people think it's a problem?
    Personally I don't think this would be an issue for me. I'm the faction leader, I capture a fief, I gift it to whomever I please! Right?
    Yes. I assume TW may think of it as a problem. I see no issue with it. They may look at it as game breaking, I don't know?
    I assume TW intended for the player to only gift away fiefs that the player permanently owns which a player would have a limited amount of. If the player takes advantage of the mechanic we speak of then there seems to be no limit to the amount of vassals a player can have. This very well may solve the issue of finding a clan leader from a different kingdom that is not only willing to leave but also one that won't require the player to pay 1.5 million+ Denars.
    Anyway, I may try taking advantage of this supposed TW oversight because as it stands now all of the clans will not maintain a peace treaty with me for more than a few days at a time. This six front war has come to a grinding stalemate.
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