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  1. 5th Companion Party

    I presume clan tier 6...

    Maybe there's a perk that allows more parties?
  2. Focus and attribute points unused

    Whilst not much of a workaround, you can take their entire force into your own, then take them into the party, upgrade, make a party from them, and give them back all their soldiers again. So no troops are lost.

    Yes, it needs to be fixed.
  3. Snow-balling version 1.4.2. I'm starting to think its not an accident.

    Problem is, when facing an army of 20k+ no garrison is going to stand, which is a bit crappy.
  4. Snow-balling version 1.4.2. I'm starting to think its not an accident.

    It's already improved drastically, and noticeably (for me) improved this latest patch too. It's definitely not perfect yet, but they're obviously aiming to try and balance it as much as possible, without putting simple blunt tools in place.

    I think people sometimes forget that this is early access. The mechanics are mostly in place, but the tweaking and tuning is what we're basically doing. Putting in the hours required to see what happens, so they can have the data required to make proper adjustments.

    That and getting to enjoy more of the game earlier than if we just waited for release. If you're bored of your current game due to empire creep, start a new one come the next patch.
  5. Need Explanation on Learning Skills

    You started your "training" a lot later than they did.
  6. Snow-balling version 1.4.2. I'm starting to think its not an accident.

    What day are you on, and what interactions have you had?

    I've played 650 days, and all factions still exist. A couple are struggling a little now, but they've still got multiple towns, and there's still 5 very strong factions.

    EDIT - The pace is very long term for me at least. Especially with the introductions of dynasties it seems clear the developers want that too.
  7. Need Explanation on Learning Skills

    Using the skills improves them. What classes as using them in some cases, I don't really know.

    I definitely don't spread skills evenly. I focus on the skills I want, so nothing in crossbow/throwing, nothing in engineering or medicine etc.
  8. How will they fix Sturgia getting completely eliminated in one year, and Khuzait and Vlandia taking half the map in 3 years?

    This lets them have a more high-tier army easier since their lords lose less often (their lords nearly always manages to outrun a stronger enemy lord they don't want to fight). In my experience at least.

    An interesting and significant knock on effect.
  9. Smithing needs to be overhauled

    Iron was nerfed in price (and other metals) as it was ridiculously profitable to buy cheap weapons, smelt them, and then sell what came out. I don't think there was much thought put into it, just to quash a large exploit, and they'll come back to it later sort of thing.

    I imagine that selling javelins for 100k is another of those, but right now, as there's not many ways to make a solid profit, there need to be some ways to establish an income just to play the game. Once workshops/caravans etc are settled, I suspect we'll see an impact on smithing profits.
  10. My king, don't gift me more castles!!!

    Lords would in theory have businesses, and invested in trade routes I believe. So caravans and workshops make sense.

    When I got my 2nd castle I just let it get defeated, used the troops that were donated to the garrison in the first place, to improve my own army and strengthen my first castles garrison.

    Let castle defences play out by themselves, a garrison of 300 soldiers can actually hold off quite a sizeable army.

    I'm using javelins to fund my fun and games though.

    Finally, this isn't the final product, economy, paying for castles etc, isn't finished, and until it is, I don't see any issue with using javelins etc to fund your armies. If you don't want to be a smith, try and find a smithing companion? Charcoal alone can be very profitable.
  11. The Main Quest has to go

    I don't think I ever really put much effort into hunting for them. I'd just come across them and chase them when I saw them. Maybe towards the end I'd try and be in the right areas, but never felt like I had to dedicate myself to hunting them down. I mean, it's such a long time before you're a suitable clan tier level, you'd have to work hard to avoid most of them for that long I would have thought.
  12. My character's wife got pregnant 7 times, all of them were girls!

    I'd have been over the moon. My sons stats are all really low. My daughters have awesome stats (like their mother). Got 2 of each, and don't seem to be having any more :sad:.
  13. How will they fix Sturgia getting completely eliminated in one year, and Khuzait and Vlandia taking half the map in 3 years?

    Travel speed for Khuzait is going to help. A lot easier to win wars when you can avoid bad engagements and force good ones more easily.
  14. What skill trees should be worked on next?

    Not in the Tactics tree. There is one for morale damage to charges and another for for an extra 20% ammo.

    No, I mean there's skill trees that directly effect your troops in normal battles, in the skills that people fighting normal battles will be improving (weapon skills). I don't think you need even more in the Tactics tree. Keep the tactics tree to be use by people who use auto-resolve a lot (since I believe that increases tactics more than fighting the battles?).
  15. What skill trees should be worked on next?

    I'm not saying get rid of the auto-resolve features. But I do wish they included other effects that didn't only involve auto-resolve. Such as the archers doing more damage in simulations; having that perk should also give you a bonus of some sort to your archers on the field during a manual battle.

    Isn't there some already? Quite a few of the weapons tree have bonuses that effect your troops. If you're choosing to auto-resolve, then you're not likely to have many of those perks, so it wouldn't hurt to get them elsewhere.
  16. What skill trees should be worked on next?

    They should probably overhaul the tactics tree so it isn't so heavily focused on auto-resolve.

    Actually I quite like that, it allows people to play the game in a different style, should they wish to. I would say that they should ensure that useful skills to those who aren't going to auto-resolve too much, should be at the start of the tree, but I'd be fine if most of it was dedicated to those who want to auto-resolve more than play (it's also then important for all other leaders of parties).
  17. About that 65K plate armor.

    The tree branch is a very good javelin shaft. You can use it to create 110 damage 5 stack javelins (with the right head of course). Though there is a slightly better one.

    My two handed axe is still beaten by the bill :sad:, so I use the bill. Close though.
  18. What skill trees should be worked on next?

    it's a bit strange that several months in, we still have nearly half the perks in the game not working, when a community patch fixed most of them within the first week.

    Activated them, but a lot of them seem to be getting tweaked, I suspect they've not been tested to TW's approval for "release" and so I guess they're being balanced, and then released to the wider pop. A lot seem to have changed greatly from when the game first released if I recall correctly.
  19. What skill trees should be worked on next?

    One step ahead would be nice. I think most people would like bow as well, surely a lot of us use bows?
  20. Do Lame Horses Heal Over Time?

    I've taken a lame warhorse in the hopes I can use it to upgrade a troop still.
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