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    [ECS4] Masters Group (Time Travelers Masters Champion)

    Actually, the result of the match doesn't matter. Had you lost the match 12-0 or won it 12-0, the rule applies in all cases. Yeah it's a shame if a default is given, but you should blame your captain for being irresponsible, not the admin team or the forum warriors for following the rules.
    im not blaming the admin team at all
    just the forum warriors, thirsty for some drama to make their boring life a bit nicer
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    [ECS4] Masters Group (Time Travelers Masters Champion)

    It was one of the most exciting match i ever played, so sad if it's end up in a default win.
    we did a mistake, that is true but guys if you are not involved or part of admin team stop *****ing its 2020 we're all grown up now (most of us). So dont be a ***** @forum warriors
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    [WNL8] Free Agents

    Name: SwaP
    Steam: Preferred Class:Cav
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    GG NA,      (GG Roberta great forum warrior)
    But please don't try to steal our victory
    Russians or Turkish never complained about their ping, they always play with more than 50 ping.
    I feel bad for our team because we fought hard to be there.
    And I feel bad for the admins, even if there was maybe few mistakes you better thanks them for the effort they made on their free time, so we can still play and enjoy our favorite game.

    See you next year,

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    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name: SwaP
    Nationality: Occitan
    Preferred Class: Cav
    Past Teams:
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    [WWC18] Looking For Team    Im looking for a team, i play cav
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    [BCM] Free Agent Listing

    Name: SwaP
    Past Teams: Fearless, RR, TT, Trinity, Wolfpack, Unity
    Nationality: Occitan
    Preferred Class: Cav
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    [WBL] Free Agents

    Past Teams:Clans
    Preferred Class:Cav
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    [Na5aSide] Group G

    GG wp guys good luck in the tournament
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    Predurrdurr's Fantasy League

    Name: SwaP
    ID: TBA
    Main Class: Cav
    Do you want to be a caller? (Yes/No) No
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    [Na5aSide] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Player Addition

    Team Name:  Occitània
    Name of player(s): Vince    3266946
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    [Na5aSide] Suggestions

    Let Wales play
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    How famous is the above player?

    He doesn't know Occitania  :fruity:
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