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  1. I know this is silly, but.....


    Never saw a handle does that, one hand or two in the crafting part list?
    Yup, but they're all listed in the two handed section. Nothing in the one handed section will let you use it two handed.
  2. I know this is silly, but.....

    Or if anyone know how craft them, the pieces needed, I appreciate letting me know so i can forge the one hand variant.
    It depends on which two handed handle you choose, some allow one and two handed use.
  3. Does Tale Worlds fear their own Community?

    If they feared us, they would try to appease us to keep us happy. Does it seem like they do that?
  4. City storage

    Weird. I wonder if it's just specific cities.
  5. Trouble marrying off family

    In order to get to the spouse you want. Just accept the offer. Then reject it on the trading screen. Talk to the lord again. He present you another daughter! Worked for me.
    Huh. If it comes up again I'll try that. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Character Traits - How do they work?

    I just don't understand what they even do. Is there a point to trying to bother raising traits?
  7. Stop troops from auto raising the ladders

    I've never tried because it's not my style of play, but couldn't you just order your troops to follow you then not go near the ladders?
  8. City storage

    I think you may be blind. I've always had the stash as a town owner when just an independent clan not declared as a kingdom yet.
  9. Is it bug or a feature?

    I donno, in 1.6 my husband was wearing ladies shoes. If he's into that, that's fine I suppose.
  10. War... War never changes

    I wouldn't want enforced peace breaks automatically between every war, but I would like the AI to be a bit less hawkish in declaring wars willy-nilly. If all the lords are low on troops, maybe don't declare war until they restock on troops? Maybe if you're already at war don't declare a new one?
  11. Skills hardcap at level 240?

    Hard cap is 330 with 10 attribute and 5 focus. I think you can still get exp towards your main level after that even if the skill doesn't move
  12. On Crafting Orders

    I'm not sure if you were made aware of it but there is a crash in crafting orders. When the person giving the order is longer in the town then completing the crafting order crashes the game. I did put it in the bug forums and uploaded a save file
    Oh, is that the cause of the seemingly random craft order crashes? Thanks, now I'll check to see if they're there before fulfilling the order.
  13. About "Serfdom" and "Road Tolls" policy (AI global prosperity problem)

    if there is a fuse that will turn off the growth of prosperity if food runs out - then there will be no problem
    That would be a good solution. We'll see if something like that happens.
  14. About "Serfdom" and "Road Tolls" policy (AI global prosperity problem)

    But what about the other side of the coin where good prosperity causes starvation and loss of loyalty? Maybe it's better the AI be poor than having all their territories rebel because they can't micromanage to prevent it?
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