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  1. Installation issues

    Very well, if I send my steam key to Taleworlds, will you send me 4x4 key back? I have no Steam on my computer and will not install under any circumstances. OK, since there was no answer, I tried installing that Steam client. It activated the game successfully, but I still cannot get the 4x4 cd...
  2. 1.011 Bug Reports

    No, they do not get ANY exp. I checked many times, the numbers don't add up correctly. Troops report same number of exp before and after training in the training field.
  3. 1.011 Bug Reports

    When training my troops in training field, they don't get any experience. It is reported that they have gained some experience points, but when asked individual friends about their skills, there is no advancement (numbers don't change). They get exp from daily training from 'trainer' skill, however.
  4. (v 1.011 ) Minor bug : typo issue

    There's another typo in the 1.0.11 (as downloaded from Lezalit introduces as 'Lazalet'. Pkease fix?;)
  5. Version 0.960 bug reports

    Got a problem with graphics - the village of ambean just sits in the air - and training grounds in vaegir kingdom has really tall 'somethings'?
  6. Mount&Blade in linux

    It runs well under WINE because of its low hardware requirements; not because of WINE or anything like that. The only reasons for payment for the game would be 1) it's addictive and I like it much enough to pay instead of using google to find a serial; 2) there's higher possibility to see real...
  7. Mount&Blade in linux

    I have downloaded M & B today and got addicted. Mouse bug is really a bug (in WINE probably, as reported in here), but it may be solved easily without doing recompilation or depending on someone else's (non-official) binary debs. All you have to do is to change mouse sensitivity to MAXimal...