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    Unsolved Unstable ping in EU servers

    My ping is extremely unstable in EU servers and seems to be following a circadian cycle, which makes me think it might be affected by the number of players connected to your servers. I live in southern Spain and have 50 Mb/s wired connection. My ping in Warband has always been stable (35-45) in...
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    Bad ping on official servers

    Bumping this as I keep having abnormal high ping in EU servers, mostly when I play in the evenings. Ping keeps being fine (40-50) in Warband's servers at the same location. My connection is good in every other software I tried simultaneously like TS3, Discord and so on. MP is pretty much...
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    Bad ping on official servers

    Thanks for your answer. Edit: Nvm, it seems today the ping is fine for me.
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    Bad ping on official servers

    Hey there TW devs, I've been consistently playing Warband multiplayer for thousands of hours, mainlny in European servers as I live in Spain. My ping in French servers has always been stable between 40-45, 50-60 in German servers. To my surprise, when I went into an European server in...
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    Private Servers?

    @Androme1 Relying on Steam achievements for accounting the players who play either SP or MP...that made my day. It'd be pointless to get into details because @Darky5 's posts were really conclusive, but there are so many wrong assumptions and misleading information in your posts. The fact that...
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    Private Servers?

    That is nowhere close to reality, as some people showed in later posts. Not to mention the MP community is probably more 'resilient' due to its intrinsic nature (players create bonds with each other and/or recognize other players they enjoy playing with, making the game more attractive). There...
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    The Athenaeum

    ****ing masterpiece. So much nostalgia.
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    ub apeal

    Rules are clear and they have to be followed by everyone that plays in the tournament, the admins decision seems fair and logic. Should rules be changed so different punishements are given depending on the severity of the rulebreak? That's another matter... Anyway, I'm still astounded how the...
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    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    Thanks for clarifying Kane, that's a post most likely many people were looking for instead of "Netherlands can't form their our team" without being properly justified.
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    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    I do read. I read several posts from Dutch players already asking for an alliance from day 1. I also read Kane's post where two people were said to be rejected straight away because not getting along with them (?) and 2 other people whose situation has not been clarified yet (same for Sabo)...
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    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    Guys is insulting your best way of countering an argument? You've almost given up forming a only Dutch team from day 1 after NC being announced. I've seen around 15 dutch players names in this thread already. HKP and OGL (I think) already gave quite a lot of names. The thing is you're either...
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    Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]

    xD You can never force people to join TS even if this is considered semi-competitive, specially at this stage of the game where there's not much alternative to play battle mode elsewhere. I'd rather use incentives like the scotchman above said. Also Maximou what's wrong with you?
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    [IG] Guard of Istiniar - A clan for Mount&Blade Warband {Closed}

    Aw nostalgia, thanks for bringing that back Blead! Good old times indeed.
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    No Battle: constructive complaint and attempted discussion thread

    That is nowhere close to the truth. You can go on with your argumentation but you should get your facts straight first. 5 years ago the game wasn't in very low numbers but at its climax, actually. Now the numbers are indeed lower (I guess the decrease you're talking about started less than 2...