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  1. More Racists in chat

    Isn't there an in-game report function now?
    I have done that, but there's no way to provide evidence. Can they find the chat if the player gets reported?
  2. More Racists in chat

    A guy called Joker is spouting racist crap in chat. The last time I tried to report a similar thing (https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/racists-in-chat.427767/) both the contacts I was given didn't reply, which I'm pretty disappointed about, so I'm posting another thread. I've got...
  3. Racists in Chat

    Not sure where to report these sorts of things, so I just thought I'd make a thread. In a skirmish game I have just played, I had two people, Decher2003049 and gazu666, using racist language like n***** etc. I find it to be a particularly common occurrence in the Bannerlord multiplayer...
  4. Druzhinnik

    Agree with the post above. The large shield covers the entire body when couching a lance, so they aren't vulnerable at all. If cav are couching all the time, they deserve to be punished
  5. Cav shields

    The Sturgian heavy cav is particularly bad for this. With a couched lance, they get perfect coverage of their entire body, if they take the large shield
  6. Overpowered Kicks

    Kicks are delayed suicide buttons. Honestly, they are useless as heck, most weapons can't attack in time to get a combo out of it.
    Not true and the people that abuse it obviously won't use weapons that you can't abuse it with
  7. Overpowered Kicks

    Seriously with proper footwork i dont ever get kicked? How often can one get kicked to consider it op...
    Saying "just dodge it" isn't addressing the broken mechanic
  8. Overpowered Kicks

    Why is kicking so overpowered? You get kicked in the shield, and drop your guard for about two hours. Granted, if you get kicked in the balls, you should probably drop your guard, but kicking a shield should yield the same results as shield bashing a shield in my opinion. At the moment someone...
  9. Matchmaking for Skirmish Mode is a Mess

    I guess I need to find some randoms to team up with, which is a bit silly. It used to be better, but still not perfect; now it's practically unplayable.
  10. Matchmaking for Skirmish Mode is a Mess

    The way the teams are balanced in skirmishes is so bad that I haven't had a close game in three weeks, It's either been a 3-0 win or a 3-0 loss. This is driving away newer players from skirmish. How are the teams actually picked at the moment? Seems like a roll of the dice. Wouldn't it make much...
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