Matchmaking for Skirmish Mode is a Mess

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The way the teams are balanced in skirmishes is so bad that I haven't had a close game in three weeks, It's either been a 3-0 win or a 3-0 loss. This is driving away newer players from skirmish. How are the teams actually picked at the moment? Seems like a roll of the dice. Wouldn't it make much more sense for the teams to be balanced through K/D?

On top of this, some teams pick full cavalry, which takes away all dynamic and strategic play. This leads to the cav just running around the map, team up on one person so that, if that person gets one of them with a spear, or a throwing weapon, the other will just kill them with a couched lance. It makes sense to me to limit cav to two or three per round.


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There is currently.... NOTHING to balance the teams.

As a result, those who want to have a decent team invite friends or clan mates along in a party, if it's less than 6 then they will join the same pool as the solo players. This results in one team possibly having a party of 5 hardened warband veterans vs a bunch of greenhorns. It's not fun for either of us, but we can't play solo because it never mixes the teams properly either.

Or only option is to queue up as 6 which only searches for other 6 stacks. These are usually good games, and I encourage you if you want balanced games right now to find people to party up with.


When player population increases I hope they will add a separate matchmaking queue for those in party. Solo play can be a pretty a frustrating experience esp without votekick or option to end round.
I guess I need to find some randoms to team up with, which is a bit silly. It used to be better, but still not perfect; now it's practically unplayable.
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