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  1. Fixing ladders needs to be the very next thing

    12 years? Where the hell did you get that figure from?
    They revealed a teaser for Mount and Blade 2 in 2009 iirc. Seems weird to tease a game and then not start development on it so I assume at least some development has taken place since then...
  2. The disadvantages of limiting battle size

    Well 5+ months later and of course no response from devs on this.

    I found this thread as I was having the exact same issue as OP. It's just not possible to win a 800v800 battle against a turtling/defensive enemy camping at the back of the map near their troop spawn point, for the reasons brought up already.

    I'm at day 1000+ and command and army of around 130 with around 60 crossbows split into two groups - vlandian sharpshooters and hired crossbows, then 40 cavalry (mostly banner knights) and 30 infantry (mostly sergeants). The problem is my allied parties are 40/50% vlandian recruits and overwhelmingly composed of infantry so the ratio of troops in large battles of course favours spawning infantry (or cannon fodder to be more precise).

    So I send my limited number of ranged troops to pester the enemy formation camping on a hill (as usual) and have my companion horse archers nearby as I flank to get the enemy to turn away from the crossbow troops. Then we all run out of ammo but luckily for the enemy we've killed enough for them for them to spawn some fresh infantry and archers and so we are basically sitting ducks at this point. In hindsight I could have just shield-walled everyone but that just leads to a stalemate. I bring my infantry up (mostly recruits of course) and they are beginning to get picked off, so i do my best to lead my cavalry against the enemy archers but it's just a war of attrition at this point and eventually my horse is downed and i'm quickly picked off. Of course now we get to witness the sheer absurdity of the AI controlling our army and things quickly go downhill (much like the enemy infantry that have now decided to attack).

    Up to that point we were gaining a numeric advantage but then t just descends into our army slowly streaming across the map from the spawn point (400 units away I should add) into the tight cluster of enemy infantry. The enemy eventually win with about 150 troops to spare and I obviously hit alt+f4 and reflect on the last 15 minutes i've wasted.

    The developers need to address this (and many other indefensible flaws for a game that's been in development for about 12 years now). Sort out the spawn locations or at least give us a way to resupply our troops. If the enemy want to camp on a hill then there's nothing stopping by men receiving replenishments. Or it could be that troops can't spawn if there are enemies in close proximity in which case if there are still left over troops a new battle begins and the large battle just ends up consisting of multiple smaller ones (i'm sure nobody was complain about that if they require limited battle sizes).
  3. Fixing ladders needs to be the very next thing

    We are aware of the current issues with sieges, including ladders, siege towers and attacking the second gate, and are working on solutions to these problems as a priority.
    Glad to hear it because frankly the poor state of sieges/AI is indefensible for a game that has been in development for nearly 12 years now...
  4. Auto-block in singleplayer

    I mean you could be a championship level athlete. Why are't you?
    Lack of reflexes I'd imagine.

    I'm going to assume there are lots of things in life you can't do for crap. Why aren't you better at them?

    Huh? This guy wants to play Bannerlord, I have no interest in being an athlete. Your comment makes little sense.
  5. Auto-block in singleplayer

    If I do that, game becomes too easy. And as I said, problem with enemies spamming attacks still exists even at the lowest difficulty. So it would be rather pointless. All I want is a little balance.

    Enemies can only attack as quickly as you can block, what problem is there with 'spamming'? If you mean when you're fighting multiple enemies then that's a situation you should try and avoid anyway!
  6. Hero levelling

    They do, but it's beyond mind-numbingly slow. Fastest way is probably to get them to grind a level or 2 out of smithing, then use those if you want to increase Medicine/Scouting/Stewardship. There really isn't much else to the system. Honestly you still won't notice a bit of difference.

    Ok good to know, well sort of.
  7. Auto-block in singleplayer

    I just registered to say, that out of my points I still hope for in this game, Auto-directional-blocking is the most important.

    Reflexes are not a skill. When I kite an enemy group into the right formation so they don't stone me to death, when I charge at their exposed members on the edge of the formation, at what point I release my spear-thrust, those are skills. I can learn that. I may not do it perfectly at first but then I experiment, try it just a little bit differently until it works and then it feels great. Blocking not so much: I know, that when my opponent attacks from a certain direction, I need to tap into that direction and then press the block button. And I don't manage at first and then I try the exact same thing again and I still don't get it and I can try the exact same thing over and over and it does not work and then I really don't need people who do the exact same thing I try to tell me: "just learn how to do it", because they can do it and enjoy it. It's not a skill, it's reflexes, basically a physical attribute. You would not tell a short person to "learn" how to reach the highest shelf without a ladder because you don't need one either. You would not tell a person with small hands to learn how to play a piano-piece that requires a certain finger-spread-distance.

    Now, I see how reflex-based games have their place and I don't go into those games and tell the designers they need to make it more tactical but Mount and Blade is otherwise fine and it really is just this small feature that is missing and it should not be declared WAD that way because some people would like the game to be more reflex-based and not just for them but for everybody for some reason I'm to liberal to understand.

    That's complete nonsense, you're comparing something impossible with learning how to block in 4 directions which is far from impossible! You could block correctly 25% of the time just choosing a random direction! Think what you could do if you practiced a bit.
  8. Hero levelling

    So do heroes in your party not gain XP and skill points or am I missing something? I've had some for a while and all their stats are the same. Hero development was really fun in Warband so I was hoping it would be the same for Bannerlord.
  9. Please, give us an "automatic block" and "automatic coach lance" option

    Use a shield if you can't block manually, if you want to use a 2H weapon then just learn to block or play on an easier setting so it doesn't matter, the game can already be amde easy enough without auto-block...
  10. getting hit through my shield bug? (tournaments only)

    I've had this too, it seems pretty inconsistent and there is a bug where you character doesn't hold the shield properly and can get hit around the side of it.
  11. Auto-block in singleplayer

    If you want auto-block then use a shield. The game already makes it stupidly easy if you play on anything other than realistic. For those complaining about the game lacking features, Taleworlds already said if you want the complete experience then DON'T buy the early access.
  12. 15th Humans vs Bots Server (NOT A PLACE TO ASK FOR UNBANS)

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply Mad Vixen.
  13. 15th Humans vs Bots Server (NOT A PLACE TO ASK FOR UNBANS)

    Same thing as Savoyard. Played on the server for the first time today, got through 2 maps and then tried joining the bot team on the 3rd map. Was banned without warning (which i guess is fair since I assume joining the bot team is against the rules) and want to know how long the temporary ban if for. There were 7 people on the bot team already, do i assume they were all banned too?
  14. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    So no news since they released those drawings? Taking their sweet time! Not even a new Warband version yet.
  15. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    okashiikessen said:
    One of the things I'm hoping for most is to implement a few new features where battle prep is concerned. Let me map out my initial battle lines. Give orders BEFORE the battle starts so that I'm not pressing keys like a madman to get the orders in and still manage to steer my horse. Let me see a minimap of the battleground with at least a portion of it visible to me so I can tell my troops where to make their stand, and what formations to use, right down to telling the archers to stand behind infantry, and specifying that Nords should group on the flanks, while I assemble Cavalry for a charge behind a ridge on the far side of the map.

    I couldn't agree more. I always wished there was a way to set up formations before the battle. Being able to place each troop individually and save it as a custom formation would be awesome.
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