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    Court Staff and some NPC become naked

    No, that data is lost. Overwritten with zeroes.
    The save probably got corrupted that way. It is irreversible, therefore restoring an older one may only be a sound solution to the problem of yours. Some operating systems - if set to do so - create a backups of some files, so you should explore this possibilty too whether your saves have been backed up beforehand. Good luck.
    Okayy, I appreciate that.. Thank you for help :grin:
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    Court Staff and some NPC become naked

    Powering off while having a game open can corrupt your save, if the game was just saving your progress. But in your case it could be a symptom of a rare bug too, when parts of the data in the memory is lost for some reason.
    Naked people are a symptom of some game data being overwritten with zeros. Basically, you are screwed unless you have an older save that works.
    thanks for the reply :grin:, hmm.. Do you have any solution to fix this? Or maybe do you have a coding to replace the file that might help fix this? Thanks
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    Court Staff and some NPC become naked

    Hello guys,, uhmm I have some trouble in my game. Last play, I turned off my laptop with power button instead shuting down manually. I think it's fine until I play the game again. When I play, I got surprised because my character face was changed. I ignoring it and I think it's just common bug...
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    Renounce an oath from married claimants

    She will remain your wife, but in case you join another faction and then find yourself at war with Swadia it may turn into an awkward situation..
    Oh I see,, thanks :smile:
    Congrats mate, i wish you a lot of butter together. :wink:
    Well,, I guess I'll have a buttery night:oops:
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    Sneaky sieges

    Recently, while forced to siege with just ladders, I manged to push up the ladder and get on to the wall, but the rest of my soldiers struggled to get up and get a foothold... I was too outnumbered to be able to help clear the way and the dumb AI was struggling to get men on the ladders so no chance of overwhelm the defence on the wall, men just trickled up the ladders to certain death.

    I managed to go round the wall, drop down and go around to open the undefended gate, letting all my men charge through the main gate and trounce the defenders with minimal casualties.

    Got me thinking: it'd be nice to have some roguery/tactics dependent sneaking similar to this. Perhaps a stealth mission (kind of like hideout missions) where you lead a small group against the unaware defenders and sneak up over the walls to open the main gate or break enemy ballistae or mangonels to make the main attack go easier. Obviously there is a risk factor involved with the mission, as once the smaller patrols/watchmen detect you, they can sound the alarm to spawn in the rest of the defenders, meaning you would have to escape or get the gate open before getting swarmed and captured/killed. Once the gate is open, the player can choose to spawn in the rest of their army, leaving the infiltrators to defend the gate until the rest of the army can reach them, less the defenders bar the gate again.

    Tbh, even a %success check of actions like disabling enemy siege or opening the main gate before battle, tied to the roguery skill, would be a nice alternative to bombarding the enemy to oblivion or bumrushing the walls.

    This could be balanced fairly easily. As a success check, obviously there is a chance of failure which will lose all of the soldiers you sent and achieve nothing; also maybe not all objectives may be achieved (e.g. only 3/4 ballistae were sabotaged); it'll only work once per siege (as they'll be on higher alert now) and defenders will rebuild sabotaged engines as they would if they were destroyed by bombardment, so it only makes sense to do it right before an assault; success in opening the main gate could also still fail if the defenders are able to overcome the small force holding the gate once the actual battle commences.

    The mission version would be high-risk as you could be captured and your army disbanded if you fail. The most difficult part would be balancing the stealth element and response times of the garrison once alerted. Maybe higher roguery skill could cause more latent response time if alerted, or a lower number spawned in? Or just less guards on the wall (as those with higher roguery are more likely to know when/where there are the least guards. Garrison size could also impact this, making it more practical but risky strategy for small armies sieging lightly-defended settlements which can't sit around all day bombarding as Monchug will inevitably show up with <800 horse archers, and more of an unnecessary risk for large armies.
    Waitt,, It's is possible to open the gate during siege? Are you using mod or something?
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    Renounce an oath from married claimants

    So,, I have finished swadian claimant quest. Thanks to hard work and effort, finally I marrying Isolla. And I become a king plus marshall in Swadia. I thought it was right time to stop simping. So,, what would happen if the I'm renounce the vows of vassalage? Am I still affiliated with Isolla...
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    Most annoying Vassals

    We all have that one vassal(s) who is always being a piece of crap.

    For me its

    Count Larquen

    Boyar Valishin

    Emir Atis

    Who who are your haters?
    Count Haringoth, that Prussian-wannabe old bastard is bad-tempered person. I promise him a fief. I planned that I will take Haringoth Castle and give it to him (so it looks perfect) . But, he is very impatient and guess what, my relationship got deteriorated

    And the other Swadian crap count is Rochabarth. In Swadian Rebel Uprising quest, I giving him mercy by let him go. In the next encounter, he was blame on me because he feel that I was humiliated him. What a be thankful deeds.
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    SP Native Diplomacy 4.litdum(v0.3 released - 09.05.2017)

    Hmm I have a question,, can we marrying a claimant? I have finished claimant quest, and i also have 1 town and 1 village. And also my character have a good relationship with Isola. So,, can my character marrying isolla like floris mod? Thanks:smile:
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    Missing shield texture for Duguth Engle. Help!

    on in the archive Brytenwalda 1.41 Full Version for some reason cut down resource escudos3.brf, which should contain the models of these non-displayed shields BL_Roundshields_xx

    open the folder \ Resource3 and copy from there the file escudos3.brf to the folder \ Resource

    Is this really work?
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